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`24 years of married life is over! – Salman Khan’s brother Sohail Khan divorce case

Sohail Khan, the younger brother of actor Salman Khan, has been married to Seema Sachchidev for the past 24 years. They have two sons, Nirvana and Johan. The two had a disagreement and recently split up. Both are currently seeking a divorce. The two had come to the Family Welfare Court in Bandra, Mumbai yesterday. The couple appeared before a judge and filed for divorce. The two became accustomed to the court on friendly terms.

But on departure the two went their separate ways. Asked on behalf of Seema Khan about this, our marriage is not a regular one. But we were family. We’re just a team. Our children are important to me and him. We go the other way as we grow. I’m not going to apologize for the divorce. Because he said he was happy for us and our children.

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