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A Couple of Cuckoos: Why Are Hiro’s Conditions For Nagi So harmful?

Hiro will only approve Nagi’s love if Nagi can beat her in test scores. This is not how real love should take origin.

The second fifty percent of the A Couple of Cuckoos anime has actually begun in the Summer 2022 anime period, and also currently, this 2nd fifty percent is showing that some girls in Umino Nagi’s harem are a better fit for him than others. Far, Nagi still has his heart set on the academic Segawa Hiro, but Hiro ends up being an even worse charming choice by the day.

If Nagi can rack up Hiro as his partner and also sweep her off her feet, earlier in the anime, Nagi as well as Hiro had set up an enjoyable scholastic rivalry to make a decision. It was funny in the beginning, yet now, it’s clear that this is a horrible foundation for a budding love. Nagi and Hiro have actually both established harmful terms for the connection, as well as Hiro is just making it even worse.

Why Test Scores Can’t Prove True Love For Hiro & Nagi

Current episodes concentrated heavily on the weird partnership in between Nagi as well as Hiro, with the caution that Hiro as well as Nagi are both already engaged to other individuals. The Nagi/Hiro pairing was initially released when Nagi made his admission to Hiro, only for both personalities to concur to use examination ratings as a problem for their potential romance. Both of them are affordable ace students, and also Nagi needs to beat Hiro’s examination scores ten times in a row to thrill her.

Nagi identifies too highly with his academic efficiency, and for that matter, so does Hiro. They tried utilizing this usual ground to understand one an additional, however alas, this is too surface for a meaningful love. Nagi and Hiro have an extremely surface-level understanding of each other, and also they are greatly oversimplifying their connection with this method. Nagi’s entire self-worth as a person and also as an enthusiast comes crashing down with his grades, and also Hiro feels the same way.

Rather than attempting to comfort Nagi or recognize him on a much deeper degree, Hiro focuses entirely on the examination rating game, and that warps their unpleasant partnership even more. Hiro is playing games with Nagi, as well as even worse yet, Nagi allows her. He was the one that started this doubtful game, as well as instead of abandoning it, he doubles down, going better down the wrong path. Moreover, by enabling this absurd habits, Hiro proves she could be this anime’s Worst Girl. She’s only driving Nagi even more away as well as making him unpleasant at the same time.

Why Amano Erika Is Nagi’s Voice of Reason

By contrast, the pleasant deredere Amano Erika just could be A Couple of Cuckoos’ Best Girl, as well as Episode 13 made a great situation for that. While Nagi as well as Hiro were making each other miserable with their test score game, Erika got to the root of the trouble and also showed that she understands Nagi’s heart completely. She carefully told Nagi in current episodes that examine scores do not gauge a person’s worth, also if that individual tries hard to determine with being an ace trainee, and also she’s.

Taking school seriously is one thing, but Nagi is causing trouble by staking his possible Hiro romance on only test scores. Nagi requires to diversify his self-respect, as many people do, to make sure that he doesn’t feel entirely revoked by one failing– in this instance, getting lower grades than Hiro. That was exactly what Nagi required to hear, and he heard it from Erika herself.

She has the inmost understanding of Nagi’s personality and also emotional state, and she understands that what Nagi requirements and also what he wants are expanding additionally apart by the day. It’s a healthy, wholesome method that neither Hiro nor Sachi has actually assumed of, and also Hiro absolutely looks negative by contrast. Probably it’s time for Nagi to cut his losses, neglect concerning Hiro, as well as for that issue, forget attempting to be the school’s # 1 student.

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