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Abhi & Pragya Get Romantic – Entertainment News & Reality Shows & Netflix Latest Updates

The written update of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Sushma informing Pragya about the accident. She tells her that Abhi caused the accident which ruined the car. Pragya gets scared and asks if Abhi is fine. Then, she realizes what emotion she just showed. Pragya justifies saying she was worried about him because if anything happens to him, she would have to pay the compensation. Sushma assures her and says that he is perfectly fine. She adds that she even took the manager there as it was him who gave the car to Abhi.

Kumkum Bhagya

Sushma tells Pragya that she wanted to keep Abhi away from her and that’s why it happened. Pragya asks if that’s the case, why did Abhi try to rescue her from Gautam and why did he plan to kill her two years back. Sushma answers that jealousy could be the reason why Abhi beat Gautam up. Pragya nods and says that it’s no doubt, they both are similar. Sushma changes the topic and asks Pragya to accompany her to have coffee. Though, Abhi and Pragya recall the good moments spent with one another. Abhi also recalls Pragya’s every single word.

Abhi decides to have a conversation with Pragya and to give her all the answers. However, he gets tensed thinking about paying one lakh rupees as compensation if he didn’t want to land in jail. The scene changes where Pragya is sleeping peacefully. Later, Abhi enters and pulls her into a hug from behind. Pragya gets started but seeing Abhi, she feels relaxed. The pair spend quality time with each other. After a while, Abhi leaves when Pragya stops him. Abhi gently kisses her cheek and the viewers witness a romantic scene between the duo. However, it will be revealed later that she was just dreaming.

On another side, Dida waits for Prachi and Ranir. There, Rhea comes and brings a walker for Vikram. The latter thanks to her. The doorbell rings. Dida gets excited and goes to open the door. She sees Teji who takes her blessings. After a while, the doorbell rings again. Dida asks Pallavi to arrange the Thali of Aarti and Kalash filled with rice. Dida asks Pallavi to do their Aarti once she opens the door. Later, Pallavi does the Aarti while Prachi and Ranbir look at each other fondly. Pallavi gets annoyed as she remembers her words. For more updates, follow us.

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