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Actor Naresh’s Ugly Fight With Ex-Wife, Who Tried To Attack Pavitra Lokesh

Senior actor Naresh is in information for all the incorrect factors of late. His affirmed live-in relationship with artist Pavithra Lokesh has whipped up an unclean tornado in Tollywood.

While Naresh had previously declared that his previous ex-wife Ramya Raghupathi is a con-woman and does not wish to be related to her any longer, Ramya does not appear to move. She declares her rightful position as his wife and made a racket out of the scenario, purportedly.

Pavithra Lokesh Files Police Complaint Against Culprits Who Created Her Fake Profiles on FB!Pavithra Lokesh Files Police Complaint Against Culprits Who Created Her Fake Profiles on FB!

When Ramya tried to face them; attempting to attack Pavithra, Naresh as well as Pavithra Lokesh were in a resort in Mysore. Earlier, both Naresh and also Pavithra released separate video clips of their opinions regarding the concern.

Speaking with the media, Ramya stated, “I understood they were together in the hotel and I waited all night to elevate my problems. Naresh whistled and instantly drove away from the area, incapable to conceal his sense of guilt. He can not conceal his sense of guilt and also therefore considered such behavior.”

She additionally added, “They declared that they are best friends but stayed together in a single space all evening. I am right here raising worry over my boy’s future and shielding his interests. I originate from a correct Hindu family members as well as I don’t like to get separated from my partner.”

Pavithra Lokesh on the various other hand launched a two-minute video concerning how Ramya has to bring the problem in front of the household members to arrange this out and quit defaming her. I need not describe my relationship with Naresh. To sully me out of her passions is something extremely disturbing.

Naresh has actually accepted accomplish the adult duties of his child with Ramya Raghupathi and offer them.

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