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Are Danny Jamieson and Melinda Stolp Still Together The Challenge Update

Cerated by the duo of Mary-Ellis Bunim and also Jonathan Murray, ‘The Challenge’ is a fact television collection that entails not just entrants from ‘The Real World’ as well as ‘Road Rules,’ where it is spun off, yet also a couple of fresh faces. All the participants contend against one another in a set of exceptionally tough difficulties in an effort to not obtain eliminated. The participants who are able to get to the final by finishing all the obstacles are crowned the victors as well as granted a large amount of cash.

Considering that the show covers quite a long time, the participants tend to get enough time to create bonds with one another, be it enchanting or platonic. Season 16 of the truth series labelled ‘The Real World: Austin’ saw Danny Jamieson as well as Melinda Stolp fulfill each other and also clicked from the beginning. Soon, they became a pair, thanks to the time they invested together filming the program. ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ marked Melinda’s return in the franchise, which has made visitors interested concerning her partnership with Danny. Are they still together, or have they gone their separate methods? Well, let’s discover, shall we?

Danny and Melinda’s The Challenge Journey

Coming from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Melinda Stolp first showed up on ‘The Real World: Austin’ in 2005 and gained rather a great deal of fans, thanks to her eccentric character. Ever since her opening night, she has actually featured in a number of periods of ‘The Challenge’ as well, making her one of the prominent participants in the franchise’s history. In addition to popularity, she likewise discovered love when she met Danny Jamieson during her ‘Real World’ season.

Danny is from Billerica, Massachusetts, and also entered the show in the hope of being able to spread his wings. Regarding three years right into dating Melinda, he married her in 2008. Nevertheless, after a couple of years of matrimony, Danny and also Melinda revealed their decision to obtain divorced on ‘The Challenge: Cutthroat’ period best and moved on with their lives. Later on, in 2012, in the ‘Battle of the Seasons’ version of ‘The Challenge,’ the previous couple included together once again and also since they were no more married, it was a strange time, even more so because they were on the same team and needed to interact.

Melinda removed out the air by mentioning, “The whole Danny and Melinda partnership point, I’m over it. After that get-together, followers of the pair desire to recognize if they were able to chat out their differences as well as obtain back together, or are they still divided?

Are Danny as well as Melinda Still Together?


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No, Danny as well as Melinda are not together any longer. After featuring on ‘The Challenge’ in 2012, as mentioned over, they haven’t gotten back together ever since. In fact, Melinda struck a few rough patches after the separation yet she came back up on her feet once more. She got wed to Matt Collins in January 2016, at a beach with primarily close family members as the guests. In 2019, Melinda Collins (after the wedding) announced the arrival of her child with Matt and also welcomed their very first son, Camden, right into the world in November 2019. Nevertheless, in March 2021, Melinda as well as Matt hit a nadir as the former introduced that she suffered a losing the unborn baby.

Since writing, Melinda appears to be doing well in her life as she has actually belonged of seasons 2 as well as 3 of ‘The Challenge: All Stars.’ When it comes to Danny Jamieson, ever since he was gotten rid of from ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons,’ he has actually preserved a low profile. He has maintained his social and also private life under wraps. So, we don’t recognize much regarding Danny’s side of the tale. All we can do is want them the very best in their respective lives as well as hope they have a great future ahead of them.

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