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Artificial Intelligence Kya Hai? Know complete information in Artificial Intelligence

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If you are unaware that Artificial Intelligence Kya Hai? AI Kya Hai, you do not have to take tension because in this post we will provide you complete information of Artificial Kya Hota Hai, Artificial Intelligence in Hindi Meaning, Artificial Intelligence Definition in Hindi.

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In the present time, the use of automatic things and automatic machines has started to be very much and the technique we use in them is called Artificial Intelligence (Al). When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, Artificial means Artificial which is made by a person and Intelligence means intelligence which has the power to think for itself.

You must have seen all the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if you have not seen it, then you must have seen Rajinikanth’s Robot and 2.0. The robot Chitti depicted in this film is a masterpiece of artificial intelligence. Through this post, we are going to provide you information about Artificial Intelligence in Hindi. So let’s now know what is Artificial Intelligence in Hindi, Meaning of Artificial Intelligence in Hindi

Artificial Intelligence Kya Hai

In computer science, artificial intelligence (AI) is also known as machine intelligence. It is an intelligence demonstrated by machines, which is in contrast to the natural intelligence represented by humans. In colloquial terms, the term “artificial intelligence” is often used to describe machines or computers that mimic knowledge-related tasks and engage with the human mind, such as “learning” and “problem solving.” do”.

There is such an intelligence power inside the human being, with the help of which he keeps learning something on his own, such as seeing something, listening to a voice and touching or feeling someone, it helps him to know what to do now. is. Similarly Automatic Machine and Robots An intelligence is also developed inside what we call Artificial Intelligence.

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History of Artificial Intelligence in Hindi

Although the thinking of master craftsmen with the myths, stories and rumors of artificial crafts from ancient times provides information about Artificial Intelligence History, but modern AI was started by classical philosophers. Who attempted to demonstrate human thinking as mechanical manipulation and culminated in the 1940s invention of the programmable digital computer, a machine based on mathematical logic.

What Is Artificial Intelligence In Computer

AI is a branch of computer science, by which a machine or robot is being built that can think and work like a person, like learning something from yourself, planning to work, someone’s Recognizing it by voice, and solving it in case of a problem, after this, a mechanical robot will be prepared which will think exactly like a human being. All the functions in the computer such as performing calculations, searching the internet, playing games, Artificial Intelligence Software, etc. All computers have a type of artificial intelligence definition for AI.

Artificial Intelligence Ke Upyog In Hindi

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence can be easily understood based on the points shown below:

24/7 availability

Machines do not require frequent brakes and refreshments like humans. Therefore they can be programmed to work for long periods of time and are able to work continuously without any boredom or deviation, ie, without tiredness. By using machines, we can expect the kind of results that we might not even expect from humans.

Day to day application

In our daily needs, the smartphone also becomes the 4th most important requirement for humans to live after bread, clothes and houses. If you are using a smartphone, it means that you are enjoying AI but you do not know it. Apart from this, we also like to take help from GPS for long drive and trekking. Artificial intelligence is most commonly used to organize and manage data in financial institutions and banking sectors. Apart from this, AI is also used in fraud detection and smart card based transaction systems.

Digital support

Many advanced organizations have implemented machines to interact with their customers using this technology. Which is a digital assistant and helps reduce the need for human resources. Robots cannot identify user’s emotions. It is actually programmed to think only logically and it makes decisions based on the experience taught to that machine.

Handling a reparative job

It is very tired to do the same kind of work over and over again. Such jobs can be handled very easily with the help of AI algorithms. These jobs do not require much intelligence. Machines think much faster than humans and it can also do multi-tasking to get better results. Along with this, these machines can also be used in hazardous works where there is a possibility of injury when a human works. Whenever we operate a machine to play games or run computer controlled robots, it means that we are actually interacting with AI machines.

Medical application

One of the great benefits of Artificial Intelligence is also in the field of medicine. Physicians assess the health-related data of the patient with the help of AI and inform the health care devices for therapy. It can also help in finding out the side effects of different medicines on patients and also perform the task of personalized digital care. AI can simulate the performance of the human brain, so artificial intelligence robots are often used in treatment to help mentally ill patients come out of depression, keeping them active in the real world as well.

Hazardous exploration

Artificial intelligence and robotics are very attractive progress in the technological development of science. Using this, we can handle a lot of data. All these complex machines are used to cross human boundaries. These machines can perform difficult and precise tasks with maximum responsibility without any gaps.

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Artificial Intelligence Examples

In today’s time, artificial intelligence is becoming very popular. Many technical experts believe that AI is our future, even though we are already using Artificial Intelligence a lot in the present, but there is a possibility of going further in the future. Below are some important examples to understand Artificial Intelligence well:


Siri is provided by Apple, and is the best example of a personal assistant. But this feature is available only on iPhone and iPad. It uses machine learning technology to understand our language. Apart from this, similar devices are also Alexa, Bigsby and Google.


Artificial intelligence is being used a lot in today’s time not only by smartphones but also by automobile sectors. If you like a car, then you will definitely know about Tesla. After being connected to Tesla, the car turns on features such as self-driving, technological innovation and productive capability.

Google ai

With the help of Google AI, you can get a lot of information like- you will get a lot of education information for Education. In this, you also get a category to increase your ability, there are many different categories for fun or conversation as well, here you will also get a separate category for how to further your work.


Nest falls under the category of the oldest and most well-known, AI startups. In 2014, it has been purchased by Google. The Nest Learning Thermostat provided by it helps to conserve energy based on our daily schedule and behavior. Behavioral Algorithm is used by Nest for this method.

Artificial intelligence course

In today’s time, the popularity of artificial intelligence technology is increasing day by day and with this new and many possibilities of employment are emerging in this field. If you are looking for Professional Artificial Intelligence Future, then you can take the information of Artificial Intelligence Course shown below.

Name of institution name of course
Gautam Buddha University M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Xavier School of Computer Science and Computer, Xavier University Bhubaneswar M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence
Amity University, Gurugram M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Srinagar Certificate in Robotic Programming and Maintenance
University of Chandigarh M.E. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Aegis School of Business, Data Science, Cyber ​​Security and Telecommunication Post Graduate Program in Applied AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in collaboration with IBM
National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Gorakhpur Certificate in Robotics
IIT Jodhpur – Indian Institute of Technology (IITJ) M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence
PU – Purnima University BCA in AI and Process Automation
SSOU – Symbiosis Skills and Open University Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
iLEAD Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development MSc in Human Computing and Artificial Intelligence
Usha Martin University Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence Ke Nuksan

As we told you above, Artificial Intelligence is the future of humans and technology, through which all those works can be done, which is not possible for humans to do by themselves. Although this technology is going to be very beneficial for us in future, but if it gets in the wrong hands like terrorist, Naxalites etc., then it can pose a great threat to the entire human race. The recent drone attack at an oil factory in Saudi Arabia is a disastrous example.


Artificial Intelligence Ke Janak John McCarthy (September 4, 1927 – October 24, 2011) is believed to be an American computer scientist. Applications Of Artificial Intelligence Health care, automotive, finance and economics, government business, games, military, art, audit, advertising etc. are prominent in it. If you liked the information about Hindi, what is Artificial Intelligence, then do not forget to share it.

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