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Asok R Nath's next is lesbian drama Holy Wound

After the upcoming Crimson River with Vishnu Unnikrishnan, director Asok R Nath has directed a restful lesbian drama titled Holy Injure. The movie sees Asok reteaming with Crimson River producer Sandeep R whose Sahasrara Cinemas is bankrolling it.

As per the makers, the movie targets to normalise similar-sex relationships and adopts a raw visual means to verbalize the righteous fancy of two women folks. Holy Injure centres on the two characters who were in fancy since childhood and reunite years later after a temporary separation.

Janaki Sudheer, Amrita and Sabu Praudeen play the lead roles. Asok directed the movie from a script by Paul Wiclif, with Unni Madavoor cranking the digicam. Vipin Mannoor handled the improving. Ronnie Raphael labored on the background rating.

Holy Injure was filmed in and round Kollam.

Asok previously directed Mizhikal Sakshi and a section of the Malayalam anthology, Crossroad.

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