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Atrangi Re Movie Review: Dhanush, AR Rahman shine in a rather insipid love triangle

Against the intermission level in Atrangi Re, there may be a ample converse, the response to which determines the target audience’s acceptance of the most fresh Aanand L Rai movie. We stare Akshay Kumar’s Sajjad priming his horns to play the antagonist of sorts in the well-known person-crossed take care of memoir of Vishu (Dhanush) and Rinku (Sara Ali Khan). Akshay is visibly revelling in the assumption of enjoying this OTT persona, and beside him, we stare a beaming Sara feeling the identical, and we lower away to a toilet stall the place Dhanush invokes the Raanjhanaa title song and performs a fast dance. On the complete, despite the ludicrousness of the central premise, all three actors receive their versions of fun on show disguise. However there may be most advantageous so mighty that spirited performances and a most moving procure can kind when the writing is messy and everywhere. 

Forged: Dhanush, Sara Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar


Director: Aanand L Rai

Streaming on: Disney Hotstar


Atrangi Re begins with a forced marriage between Rinku and Vishu. Whereas Rinku is forced into marriage on record of she is forever making an strive to inch with the take care of of her life Sajjad, Vishu finds himself on the damaging situation on the damaging time as he turns into sufferer to the now-infamous groom kidnapping in clear Indian states. There may be an pointless sense of urgency in the first few minutes of the movie, and before issues also can reach to a mighty-notable pause, we are asked to make a selection out a soar of faith about Vishu harbouring emotions for Rinku. Come on! Even Dhanush’s outstanding histrionics in that “take care of proposal” scene can’t in actual fact maintain in for the self-love of the complaints. Not like the writing in Ranjhanaa, which gave us a sense of why Kundan become as soon as head-over-heels in take care of with Zoya, right here we don’t in actual fact know what makes Vishu take care of Rinku. Cherish, pointless to reveal, she has numerous spunk and a prime non-working out of time, home, and privacy, which makes her the stuff of dreams for many of our heroes. However, Vishu’s transition from being horrid irritated at her to changing into all doe-eyed around her is painfully coercive. 


This weirdly magical run is elevated by one of AR Rahman’s present most advantageous works. Regardless that a bulk of the songs are feeble to inch the memoir of the first half, it is most advantageous with the power of this music that we embark on this middling run. Also special mention to Pankaj Kumar’s colourful visuals that give Atrangi Re an nearly fairytale-ish in actual fact feel to it. However one can now not correct shake off that feeling of incompleteness that stems from Atrangi Re’s writing picks. Pointless to reveal, there may be that “twist” that, effectively… isn’t as convoluted as the makers judge it to be. And when their ONE trump card isn’t groundbreaking sufficient, Atrangi Re ran the probability of fixing into saddled with fatigue and it does so in an emphatic vogue. 


For all its chest-thumping on inventiveness and refreshing outlook on the time-tested memoir of the vagaries of take care of, Atrangi Re doesn’t fairly yelp on what become as soon as promised. It in actual fact feeds into stereotypes rather than smash them, or a minimal of skirt round them. Whereas it is neat how Dhanush is solid as a health care provider in this movie, utilizing his, and his pals’ clinical skills is milked for uncomplicated but unsmart laughs. One more unsmart thing is totally how Rinku’s persona arc develops. Regardless that Sara is earnest as Rinku, the characteristic appears to be too gimmicky for a movie of this seemingly. However, the extra underwritten part is that of Akshay Kumar, and despite a cherubic and upbeat efficiency, Sajjad doesn’t fairly build the intentioned flutter. 


Upright take care of every Himanshu Sharma-Aanand L Rai collaboration, Atrangi Re too deals with an all-encompassing take care of that crosses all physical and psychological boundaries. Upright take care of any their films, the conception that too is a mesmerizing one even though it borders on the worn-fashioned. However, despite a accurate solid, shining music, and spectacular visuals, this time round the a success collaboration misses the target by fairly a distance. Upright proclaiming the movie is “funnily distinctive” is now not sufficient if it takes itself too seriously, and being neither humorous nor distinctive, Atrangi Re settles down in a home that’s correct effectively… horrid. And that is the reason the worst thing that may perhaps happen to a world created by one of our most maverick writer-filmmaker duos. 

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