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Ayyappa Malalo Tamil heroes for Sabarimala Yatra. Photos going viral

Many stars in the film industry wear Ayyappa Mala. There are also some who perform mala dharana regularly every year. Especially from Tollywood like Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, Sharwanand, Mohan Babu. Apart from them, there are many heroes of other languages ​​who are not seen in Ayyappa Malas. Some Bollywood heroes like Ajay Devgn and Vivek Oberoi wear Ayyappa mala.

Not only in our Tollywood, but also outside the film industry, many famous people wear Ayyappa mala. Apart from Andhra, Tamil film industry also has a lot of Ayyappa devotees. Recently there has been clarity in this regard. Many Tamil stars also wear Ayyappa Mala. Recently, senior actor Jayaram, Tamil hero Jayam Ravi, director and Nayanthara’s husband Vignesh Sivan left for Sabarimala wearing Ayyappamala.

The photos of them leaving for the yatra with both of them on their scalps have gone viral on social media. But along with them some other lords also appeared. That thing goes round and round. Despite being such big stars, everyone is surprised when they look simple like ordinary devotees. If any of the stars wear garlands and visit Sabarimala, they go secretly without even knowing that they have gone. It has become a hot topic for them to go on a pilgrimage like ordinary devotees.


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