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Although just readily available in the United States, Funimation is among the leading platforms worldwide of anime streaming. In March 2022, Funimation and Crunchyroll validated that the previous’s library will be slowly moved over to the latter, integrating to produce the biggest (legal) anime brochure on the web. Despite this advancement, Funimation will continue to support its service, specifically given that the brand name provides even more than simply streaming.


Covering both brand-new and traditional anime, the service’s library is definitely stacked with goodies. It does not matter what category somebody chooses, they are most likely to discover a program on the platform that fits their requirements. Let’s have a look at the best anime series on Funimation.

Shonen and funny anime will not be consisted of as they have actually committed short articles:

Best Shonen Anime Series On Funimation

Best Funny Anime Series On Funimation

Best Spring 2022 Anime On Funimation

The Spring 2022 season is underway, and Funimation has a good choice of shows. Although Crunchyroll has a much more total lineup given that it has its own library of simulcasts in addition to all of Funimation’s subbed shows, the latter is still streaming a few of the best anime of Spring 2022. Other than for shonen and funny shows, here are a couple of standouts of the season:

The Increasing Of The Guard Hero Season 2

Japanese Title Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 2
Category Isekai, Action
Studio Kinema Citrus, DR Movie
Variety Of Episodes on Funimation
  • 6+ (Season 2)
  • 28+ (Complete Series)

After a popular however rather questionable opening season, The Increasing of the Guard Hero is back for another 13 episodes, with a 3rd entry currently validated for later on down the line. Continuing from its predecessor, the isekai anime discovers Naofumi and his celebration still doing what they do best: outshine everybody who ever questioned them. Up until now, season 2 has actually left to a rather rough start, hurrying through arcs rather rapidly. The important things that did and didn’t work about the very first season are still primarily present in its follow up, although season 2 appears set to stress Raphtalia’s development.

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The Increasing of the Guard Hero season 2 has actually left to a rough start, gathering criticism for its hurried pacing and bad intro of brand-new characters. The anime avoided over a short training arc that remained in the light books, and this has actually injured the story’s general circulation. Season 2 still has its strengths, however the anime does appear to be experiencing a sophomore downturn.

Kingdom Season 4

Japanese Title Kingdom fourth Season
Category Historic
Studios Studio Pierrot, Studio Signpost, IKIF+
Variety Of Episodes on Funimation
  • 6+ (Season 4)
  • 105+ (Complete Series)

Although big in Japan, Kingdom does not have much of an existence in Western nations. The manga has actually not gotten an English release, while the very first season’s underwhelming animation may have delayed numerous newbies who would have otherwise delighted in the story. By season 3, Kingdom had actually significantly enhanced its production worth, providing animation worthwhile of the outstanding story being informed.

Embed in China’s Warring States duration, the series follows an orphan, Xin, who looks for to end up being an effective general. Enthusiastic, gripping, and loaded with interesting characters, Kingdom is a great anime that is just improving with each brand-new season.

Date A Live 4

Japanese Title Date A Live IV
Category Sci-Fi, Mecha, Hareem
Studios AIC Plus+, Production IMS, J.C. Personnel, Geek Toys
Variety Of Episodes on Funimation
  • 6+ (Season 4)
  • 36+ (Complete Series)

Date a Live‘s main idea sounds too ridiculous to envision it producing something truly excellent, however the anime has actually shown to be a great deal of enjoyable. In this alternate world, Spirits are beings that trigger natural catastrophes, and they can just be stopped through death or love. When it comes to the latter, Shidou Itsuka needs to be the topic of the Spirit’s interest, and when the trainee protects a kiss from the harmful entity, the latter’s power is sealed.

Date a Live 4 has a variety of plot threads from previous seasons it requires to check out and conclude, in addition to presenting a couple of brand-new Spirits for Shidou to court. It has actually been 3 years given that the franchise’s last anime, so fans have actually been waiting a relatively long period of time.

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Best Scary Anime On Funimation

Ghost Hunt

Japanese Title Ghost Hunt
Studio J.C.Staff
Variety Of Episodes on Funimation 25

Scary and anime do sporadically go together, however there are a number of exceptions. Fortunately for fans of the category, most of the best scary anime are on Funimation, and Ghost Hunt is the most crowd-pleasing program on the service. Divide into a range of cases, each arc follows Kazuya Shibuya and Mai Taniyama as they examine all sorts of scary tales, and they are accompanied by an eccentric cast of repeating characters.

Ghost Hunt has actually haunted homes, weird dolls, and a reasonable quantity of real scares. The anime provides a standard scary experience suitable for Halloween night or a random Tuesday.

Boogiepop Phantom

Japanese Title Boogiepop wa Warawanai
Studio Madhouse
Variety Of Episodes on Funimation 12

An adjustment of Kouhei Kadono’s light unique series, Madhouse’s Boogiepop Phantom is a tough sit, both thematically and narratively. Following a non-linear structure, the anime is at the same time episodic and serial, as each chapter follows a various character who is linked through a shared occasion. Subsequently, the story can be hard to follow sometimes, and the episodic stories exist to enhance the anime’s primary mental styles.

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Boogiepop Phantom is not going to be to everybody’s tastes, which is completely great. Nevertheless, the series is special enough that it ought to be attempted by anybody who has an interest in scary.

Higurashi: When They Sob – Gou

Japanese Title Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Studio Passione
Variety Of Episodes on Funimation 39

Other than for perhaps Another, Higurashi: When They Cry is perhaps the most popular scary anime of perpetuity; nevertheless, some people may not know that the franchise rebounded over the last couple of years. Gou returns audiences to Hinamizawa for another loop, and while the story at first strikes a number of the exact same beats as the 2006 program, things ultimately discover a brand-new course that features more than a couple of amazing (and terrible) surprises.

As tends to be the case with this series, the scary primarily can be found in the kind of gore, although Gou likewise does a good task of developing stress in its 2nd cour. Even if some familiarity with When They Cry is suggested, newbies beginning with Gou ought to still be readily available to follow the plot.

  • Mieruko-Chan
  • Fear Representative

Best Slice Of Life Anime On Funimation


Japanese Title Aria
Studios Hal Movie Maker, TYO Animations
Variety Of Episodes on Funimation 52 + 4 OVAs

Slice of life tends to be connected with the ordinary, however that is not completely precise; rather, the category portrays the daily lives of its characters. Sometimes, this includes going to school in a peaceful Japanese town while leading a life without concerns. Other times, a character’s “normal” includes transporting a gondola on another world that has actually been terraformed to look like Venice.

Aria is restorative. Assisting audiences through a lovely city along with wonderful and grounded characters, the anime will recover someone’s exhausted mind after a demanding day behind a desk.


Japanese Title Barakamon
Studio Kinema Citrus
Variety Of Episodes on Funimation 12

Following a public bust-up with a critic, Seishuu Handa, a gifted however mad calligrapher, is sent out to a remote island by his daddy. At first, Seishuu sees this as a chance to concentrate on his work, however the artist quickly discovers that the locations will not leave him alone. This shows to be precisely what the big-headed person requirements.

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Amusing and mentally pleasing, Barakamon achieves a lot throughout its short runtime. Not just does it do an excellent task of developing the culture of Goto Islands, however the anime guides Seishuu through a fantastic arc while likewise presenting a large lineup of three-dimensional characters. If somebody is attempting to present a pal to slice of life, Barakamon is the anime to select.

Technically, Barakamon is a funny, however the anime is an even much better agent of the piece of life category.


Japanese Title Mushishi
Studio Artland
Variety Of Episodes on Funimation 46

Mushi-Shi is rather irregular for a piece of life anime, primarily due to the fact that its topic has to do with as far eliminated from the ordinary as possible. The eponymous Mushi are entities that exist along with people, although most people cannot view them straight. Apparently connected to nature, these beings are primarily safe, however they can influence occurrences to occur out of no ill will.

Mushi-shi are people who dedicate their lives to studying the Mushi, as they take a trip throughout Japan to enhance their understanding. One such individual is Ginko, and while the anime’s lead character mostly attempts to stay a quiet observer, he does sometimes need to get included. Mushi-Shi is a lovely and peaceful anime that deals with the surreal in as naturalistic a method as possible.

  • Hyouka
  • New Video Game!!

Best Drama Anime On Funimation

March Can Be Found In Like A Lion

Japanese Title March Can Be Found In Like a Lion
Studio Shaft
Variety Of Episodes on Funimation 44

Drama is such an unclear idea that numerous shows might in theory slot into the classification, nevertheless, March Can Be Found In Like a Lion is the conclusive significant anime. Simply to be clear, the program is not melodramatic or non-stop unfortunate; in reality, it has its reasonable share of easy going moments. That stated, the anime’s representation of anxiety, bullying, and self-hatred is wonderful.

Rei is a young shogi gamer with a brilliant future, nevertheless, he is likewise socially uncomfortable and tends to separate himself from everybody around him. Over its 2 seasons, March Can Be Found In Like a Lion checks out Rei on a mental and psychological level, all the while presenting a myriad of nuanced characters who form the lead character’s advancement without compromising their own lives.

Death Parade


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