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Bhava Chitra Movie Review: Right note, amateur attempt

Bhava Chitra begins as an odd boy-meets-woman movie nonetheless debutant director Girish Kumar B brings in reincarnation and paranormal parts to supply it a twist of forms.

The romantic techno-thriller is set Vishnu (Chakravarthy), who works in a company company and is a passionate photographer. He’s in search of a groom for his sister, and registers for her at a matrimonial company. He finally ends up registering his title too. Enter Chitra (Ganavi Laxman), who doesn’t think in organized marriages. A miniature misunderstanding between Chitra and Vishnu pushes the latter on a solo bike plug. He faucets into his ardour for pictures one day of the time out nonetheless is insecure to gaze one thing unfamiliar in a single amongst his clicks. This sets Vishnu on a truth-searching out for drag.

Solid: Girish Kumar B, Ganavi Laxman, Avinash Yelandur, Vinayak Nadkarni

Director: Girish Kumar B

It is in this drag that we’re launched to Shankar (Girish Kumar) and Bala (Girish Bijjal), who are thick mates. How Shankar and Bala are associated with Vishnu and Chitra kinds the crux of the movie, which turns into a revenge drama. There’s also the query of Vishnu and Chitra burying their variations. These sorts of questions are answered in the movie, which is surely no longer a tear-of-the-mill area. Nevertheless, Girish who also performs a pivotal position in the movie doesn’t smartly steadiness his directing and appearing roles and loses focal point. The close product feels amateurish and becomes the movie’s greatest downside. He neither manages to recount out the actual more or less performances from the actors, who were also making their debut with Bhava Chitra.

The movie begins on the actual foot and the suspense component does present promise at the origin, nonetheless what can also had been an partaking movie is killed with repetitive scenes, leisurely-motion fights, and an overstretched position.

As a major-time strive, Bhava Chitra could even be given just a few free passes, nonetheless on many fronts, the movie’s director and the actors surely hang a agreeable distance to bound.


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