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BJP IT wing condemns kids TV show over alleged commentary on PM Narendra Modi 

CTR Nirmal Kumar, the Notify President of BJP Tamilnadu’s IT and social media flee has condemned Zee Tamizh’s children program Junior Tidy Stars, over alleged commentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

The episode in contention of Junior Tidy Stars Season 4 was aired on January 15 and the skit, which has brought on controversy, formulation a child playing an unwise king. The BJP IT flee has complained that the ‘children were making deplorable remarks about Prime Minister. Scathing remarks were made about demonetisation, trudge back and forth to rather loads of worldwide locations, PM’s attire and disinvestment.’ 

The commentary extra learn, “what was being spoken (in the advise) is beyond their working out and the guardians of the minors and channel must be legally and morally accountable for this act.” 

The BJP IT flee has demanded a public apology from the channel, producer, judges and mentors, and the removal of the program. 

The transfer of BJP has got severe criticism all the draw by and loads of like stated that the dedication was pointless and curbs the freedom of expression. 

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