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“Dad had no money to discharge mom when I was born” – Shadab Khan, son of `Sholay ‘Amjad Khan

Famous Bollywood actor Amjad Khan is best known for his villainous role in the 1975 Amitabh Bachchan starrer Sholay. He is survived by his wife Shyla Khan and children Shadab Khan, Ahlam Khan and Seemab Khan.

Born in 1940, he has worked in many films as an actor and director and is well known in Bollywood cinema. He died in 1992 at the age of 52, followed by his wife Shyla Khan the same year. Currently, Amjad Khan’s son Shadab Khan is also a popular actor in Bollywood. In a recent interview, Shadab Khan shared about his father Amjad Khan and his early life.

He said that he (Shadab Khan) was born and hospitalized when his father Amjad Khan was first contracted to play the villain in ‘Sholay’ and that his father’s friend and director Chetan Anand was at the time when his father had no money to discharge his mother from the hospital. He also said that he helped by giving 400 rupees.

“When I was born, my father did not have the money to discharge my mother (Shehla Khan) from the hospital. My father did not come there to see my mother crying. He was ashamed to show his face to his mother. His friend and director Chetan Anand (Chetan Anand) saw my father sitting in a corner and crying. ) And helped me with 400 rupees. Then they told me that we were discharged and came home, “said Shadab Khan.

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