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Dancing With The Stars Season 30: Latest Updats On Are Suni Lee & JoJo Siwa, Participant Results & More

As we prepare for tonight’s Dancing with the Stars 30 results, what better time than the present to look into who is in danger?

Of course, we have to note first and foremost here that this is going to be a double elimination leading into the semifinals! That means that at least one person will be gone without the judges even getting involved! That could be bad news for Suni Lee and JoJo Siwa after both of them were recently in the bottom — we’re not as worried about JoJo, though, as her fan base will probably rally behind her at this point.

So who else could be in trouble? Beyond Suni (who doesn’t seem to have the largest audience), we also have to look in the direction of Olivia Jade, who has been in the bottom before. We also don’t think that she’s about to get a larger voting block than what she has already.

What makes this season so interesting is that some of the fan favorites don’t necessarily have the best scores. Save for his Horror Week performance, Iman Shumpert has some of the lowest scores this season; yet, he seems to have a large following backing him up. It also feels like Amanda Kloots and Cody Rigsby have large followings, given that neither one of them have been in danger so far this season.

In the end, tonight’s new episode will play a big factor in everything. While we do think a lot of fan bases are somewhat set at this point, we do think there’s enough flexibility for some things to change a little bit here and there.

Who do you think is going to be eliminated on Dancing with the Stars 30 tonight?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! After you do just that, stick around in order to ensure you don’t miss any other updates.

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