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Director ultimatum to Samantha Siva Nirvana gave clarity ‘Khushi’ shooting update

Samantha and Vijay Deverakonda are acting together in the movie Khushi. This movie directed by Shivanirvana will be made in pan India range. The director is going to direct this film with a new love story, emotions mainly. The director impressed by making films mainly about emotions. This has created interest in this film.

Meanwhile, there is uncertainty about the shooting of this film. The shooting was stopped for a few months as Samantha fell ill. She has to complete the shooting only if she joins the shooting. It is known that the shooting of this film is already half completed and the scenes related to Vijay Deverakonda have also been completed. Samantha related scenes are pending. If she comes to the shoot, the director and the team feel that it should be completed quickly.

But it will take some time for Samantha to participate in the shoot. There is no clarity as to when she will participate in the filming, so a news is doing the rounds on social media that director Shiva Nirvana has given her an ultimatum. If Samantha does not arrive by the first week of March, the director is thinking of putting the film aside. Moreover, they want to focus on another film. Currently this news is doing the rounds. In this context, director Shiva Nirvana recently responded to this.

The shooting of “Khushi” will begin soon. The director said that everything is going smoothly with regard to the film. He tweeted to this effect. However, they are planning to shoot the film in the end of February and the first week of March. According to the information received from the film unit, Samantha will participate in the shooting of this film from March. And if Samantha doesn’t come till then, will Siva really go to another project? Will he wait for Samantha? It should be seen. But no other project was finalized for Shiva. Film people say that they must wait for “Khushi” and Samantha.

It is known that Samantha has been suffering from a rare disease called Myocytil for the past few months. She is recovering now. Trying to get busy with movies again. Doing workouts in the gym will achieve the lost fitness. But currently Samantha has also acted in the movie “Sakunthalam”. It will release on February 17. Samantha is likely to participate in the promotion of this movie. On the other hand, Sam has committed to two or three films in Hindi as well. Talk is heard that All Ready is now acting in a Hindi film.

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