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Endravathu Oru Naal Movie Review: Good intentions alone don’t make a film

Tragedies are impactful when the pathos hits you unannounced when the loss of the protagonist feels interior most. Endravathu Oru Naal fails to construct each and every and ends up being a stupid stare, irrespective of first charge performances from the leads. The personality journeys are predictable right here. A pair raising cattle as their formative years, farmers taking on a 100-day employment diagram to meet ends, and underage formative years forced into work… These angles aren’t contemporary to cinema. It doesn’t encourage the predictability of this film that we seen identical storylines in Samuthirakani’s Vellai Yaanai and Raame Aandalum Raavane Aandalum appropriate currently. 

Cast: Vidharth, Remya Nambeesan, Grasp Raghavan

Director: Vetri Duraisamy

Streaming On: ZEE5

Suffering can most certainly be talked about to be a total emotion through this film. The kindest of folk struggle throughout the most harsh scenarios in the film, however there is continuously any redemption. Whenever Rasathi (Remya Nambeesan) and her son Murugan (Grasp Raghavan) hit a roadblock and attain out for encourage, all individuals is conscious of a serving to hand won’t be coming, and that their most life like blueprint is extra down. One would maybe maybe argue right here is intentional, clearly, in relate to replicate the compile 22 situation of farmers in steady life. However these series of redundant miserable occasions inflict numbness when they happen time and again. Composer Raghunanthan attempts to promote the depression with his ‘sad’ violin background in finding, however this simplest provides to the tedium.

The story revolves spherical minimal characters in tiny locations. The the same folk meet each and every other, and their exchanges feel repetitive too. The abduction of the bulls by a money lender is a significant home point of this film and triggers the dash of our protagonists. Ideally, these bulls, most certainly fancy in Raame Aandalum… must had been handled as lead characters, however they’re diminished to props right here.

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The saving grace of this film is its portrayal of the grey coloration. Even the antagonists don’t appear to be blatantly inaccurate. The local moneylender apologises for his misdeed, and the agent who extracts work from the juveniles doesn’t scoot overboard in his abuse of the formative years. I also cherished the manner Thanga Muthu’s personality is written and would maintain cherished to stare more of him. Remya and Raghavan carry one amongst their better performances, however there is simplest so a lot that actors can carry out when the writing is shallow.

Week in and week out, we scrutinize films that repeat the compile 22 situation of farmers, attempting to rescue their land and cattle. Per chance it’s time we bought some films focussed on the compile 22 situation of audiences subjected to repetitive tales.

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