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Ethan Hawke Is Still Hoping To Get A Best Star Wars Role

While Ethan Hawke is having a little bit of a profession rebirth these days, he’s still not slated to show up in any future Star Wars movie, much to his annoyance. While the man that is understood to Disney Plus watchers as the latest Marvel bad guy in Moon Knight hasn’t heard anything from Lucasfilms yet, Hawke still has hope that he can someday sign up with a journey in a galaxy far, far.

Hawke had, at one time, made an extremely public appeal to sign up with the Star Wars franchise. Despite additionally making it clear that he had no issue fighting for either the dark or the light side of the force, he still hasn’t obtained the phone call he frantically wants.

Hawke spoke to Screen Rant in a recent meeting where he made it very clear that while he’s had success with Moon Knight, he wants more. Throughout the meeting, the actor claimed that he makes himself really feel better by picturing that Lucasfilm has a truly special part for him. He included that if that isn’t real and also his pleas to sign up with Star Wars are just being overlooked, after that it needs to indicate that “somebody up there” does not like him.

When he was told by the interviewer that they assume it’s more probable that Lucasfilms just does not wish to squander Hawke. The star then noted that he concurred as well as really hoped that was the problem. Maybe as a way to show that he’s really a follower of the Star Wars series, he then made it clear that he’s been actually enjoying the Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney Plus.

While he could still be wanting to hang out with Wookies as well as Ewoks and the Jedi and also the Sith, Hawke is having plenty of success beyond what he’s already seen in Moon Knight this year. The veteran actor has a horror film that will certainly allow him to tread where he actually hasn’t much before now. Hawke plays an unabashed serial awesome that tends to target youngsters in The Black Phone.

Much from the science-based fiction of Star Wars, The Black Phone consists of a supernatural facet to its tale. When Hawke’s awesome takes his most recent target, the kid soon recognizes that a phone in his cell that isn’t hooked up offers him a straight line to former targets, that are out for revenge.

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