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Everything That Happened in the Time Skip of Westworld Season 4

Below’s every major occasion we know occurred during Westworld season 4’s large timeskip. Westworld audiences can be forgiven for going into season 4 with expectations of physical violence, warfare, and post-apocalyptic rioting. Westworld season 3 wrapped up with Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores and Aaron Paul’s Caleb saving the world with a little assistance from Thandiwe Newton’s Maeve. Together, this awesome triad defeated Rehoboam (humankind’s spherical AI oppressor) and also called the blood-soaked bells of freedom. Westworld season 4 looked completely positioned to grab in the midst of that uprising, yet such hopes are extremely swiftly crushed by the premiere episode, with every main character from Caleb to Christina living in family member peace. The revolution was not televised, it seems.

Rather, Westworld season 4 starts a whole 7 years after season 3’s finale. Maeve, Caleb, Dolores and also William (Ed Harris) are done in extremely different locations – both figurative and also literal – compared to their last onscreen getaway. The landscape left behind by 2020’s Fight Club-esque finale has cleared up into something entirely different, as well as one male vs device battle for superiority is quickly being changed by another.

In between creepy insect infestations and also a suspiciously strong plot resemblance to The Matrix Resurrections, Westworld’s season 4 best depends on comments, cutaways, and hints to discuss what decreased during the 7-year void separating last season’s dusk and also the brand-new season’s dawn.

What Happened To Westworld Season 3’S Revolution

Westworld season 3’s final moments saw Caleb and Maeve behold the fruits of their labor from up high, as the world appeared into mayhem and Rehoboam’s despotic control came crashing down. Their battle apparently didn’t stop there. Once Rehoboam collapsed, battle burst out in between the residues of Incite Inc. as well as a human resistance movement, of which Caleb and also Maeve were both central figures. A recall scene from Maeve’s inner memory financial institutions reveals both storming a beach-side Incite center that houses a miniature Rehoboam ball – a Babyboam, some could say. It appears damaging the main center in Westworld season 3 wasn’t rather adequate to assure mankind’s future freedom. Maeve’s recall additionally enigmatically discloses Caleb endured a lethal injury throughout this goal, as well as although Aaron Paul’s character obviously endured, Westworld does not explain just how.

The battle between people and Incite have to’ve lasted less than a year (to accommodate Westworld season 4’s period), but resulted in robotics being “junked” and humans resuming their former duty in culture without fascism from a devilish black sphere of artificial intelligence. The date of freedom is now celebrated as a nationwide wedding anniversary but, predictably, not everybody is delighted over the end result. Caleb believes the troubles won human beings their freedom back, and also graffiti artwork outside his residence reads, “My mind – My option.” On the other hand, Caleb’s associate suggests that Rehoboam simply revealed humanity’s true nature, and declares no one’s life has actually considerably boosted since the revolution 7 years prior. This cultural division validates Westworld season 3 wasn’t necessarily the delighted finishing Dolores planned.

Caleb & Maeve’s Westworld Timeskip Explained

When every last Incite remnant fell apart, Westworld’s landscape entered a fragile peace and also Caleb came to be a family man. By the time Westworld season 4 begins, he’s not just married yet has actually a little girl called Frankie. She’s currently 7-years-old, so Caleb and Uwade, his partner, clearly didn’t lose much time. Westworld’s season 4 premiere offers the overriding impact that Caleb’s family members have lived quietly throughout those 7 years, however Aaron Paul’s ex-military man is still quite carrying the marks of battle, paranoid the next battle is hiding around the corner. His trauma not only stems from dealing with versus Incite, yet from the pre-Westworld “Francis” event in which Caleb eliminated a bosom friend after being instructed to do so by an AI program.

Maeve chose a rather lonelier existence. Westworld season 4 discovers her living alone in a remote mountain cabin, making regular supply runs to Woody’s Goodies, however otherwise remaining entirely reclusive. Discussion confirms Maeve has been home in her dank woodland residence ever since the battle ended 7 years ago.

Hosts Hale & William Have Been Preparing Their Takeover

Westworld season 3’s post-credits series disclosed Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale (a host evolved from a Dolores duplicate) planning for worldwide android supremacy by building an army of hosts at a Delos research study facility. Said military included a robotic variation of William’s darker side, who effortlessly beat his flesh-and-blood namesake. In the 7 years ever since, Hale and William have apparently supported the Delos corporation after season 3’s roller coaster and also broadened their rate of interests aggressively.

Westworld season 4’s cartel scene exposes Delos has actually been persistently buying up ineffective scrub land around Arizona and also Nevada, leaving regional gangs perplexed regarding what the firm has actually prepared. William as well as Hale are obviously plotting a ambitious as well as sizable job that needs profane quantities of land – potentially a brand-new WestWorld park. Delos has currently additionally acquired the Hoover Dam, which functions as a huge web server center containing something “swiped” from William 8 years ago – really probably the Section 16 Forge information Dolores swiped from WestWorld. WestWorld and also the various other parks (Shōgunworld, the Raj, etc) were all located in international waters, yet it seems William and Hale want to bring those fierce delights onto U.S. soil rather. A lot more worrying is their fixation with the Section 16 data, which not just nurtures the Sublime, but consists of every one of the precious Delos immortality research.

Strangely, Delos has additionally been looking for Maeve and Caleb. The battle was in fact between humankind and also Serac’s Incite Inc. (who Charlotte Hale had not been precisely a fan of in Westworld season 3), Hale and also William are doing their damnedest to avoid the resistance’s 2 primary numbers appreciating peaceful lives. Probably, Delos watches both as a future barrier to their overarching objective of machine controling guy.

Dolores Has Been Mysteriously Reborn As Christina In Westworld Season 4

Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores ultimately satisfied her demise in the closing minutes of Westworld season 3. At some factor between Westworld seasons 3 & 4, Dolores was apparently rebuilt (by whom remains a secret) as well as parachuted into an ordinary modern presence in a futuristic riff on New York City.

Whereas William, Caleb and also Maeve’s scenes in Westworld season 4, episode 1 are all explicitly established 7 years after season 3, there’s no day attached to Christina’s, which means her timeline isn’t necessarily running parallel to the rest. Westworld has actually used numerous timelines as a narrative method prior to, and also season 4’s best goes down a large hint that Christina is keeping this practice active.

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