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Five easy tips for good nail hygiene during the monsoon season – Entertainment News & Reality Shows & Netflix Latest Updates

Among other things, the monsoon season is particularly harsh on the skin. It can cause bacterial and fungal infections. Like the rest of the body, nails also need cleaning and grooming throughout the year, and even more so when it rains. Otherwise, they can be full of germs, and this is an unfavorable situation.

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There are many easy things you can do to take care of your nails. So, let us round up five tips to keep your nails healthy, kempt, hygienic and away from any fungal infection and chipping. read on.

1. Keep Your Nails Dry

Take extra care to keep your nails dry at all times, especially your feet and toenails. As your feet come in contact with the splashing water around monsoon, your toe nails are vulnerable to damage. The moist and humid environment results in a build-up of dead skin cells and infectious bacteria, leading to accumulation of dirt. Also, try to avoid wearing closed leather shoes throughout the day, as this will give the fungus an ideal habitat to thrive. Wear loose shoes, floaters or slippers when you go out, and dry your feet and nails once you’re back.

2. Use Antifungal Powder

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Add anti-fungal powder to your monsoon hygiene essentials. Apply it once a day around your toenails and nails to prevent infection. If there is no anti-fungal powder, you can also use generic talcum powder or spray deodorant to keep the fungus away.

3. Regular Trimming

Cut your nails weekly or bi-weekly depending on your growth stage, as long nails all give a safe place for bacteria to spread from splashing water and moisture. In addition, the moisture causes your nails to become a bit softer and easier for them to bend or break. So, make sure they are cut short, trimmed and use a good quality filler to smooth the edges.

4. Avoid sharp tools for cleaning

It is a very common practice among women to use long pointed tools for harsh cleaning under the nails. This can create a gap between the nail bed and the nail, providing an open door for an itchy monsoon infection. Alternatively, you can use a nail brush to gently scrub your nails.

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5. Use a Base Coat

Take extra care of your nails by using a base coat before applying nail polish, as it will add a protective layer and prevent weakening of your nails. Also, when removing your nail polish, use a good quality nail lacquer remover to keep the surface of your nails and cuticles smooth.


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