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Grey Anatomy Ending Theory: Meredith Replaces Weber In Gray Sloan

It’s unidentified when Grey’s Anatomy will come to an end, there are already a variety of concepts on how it will end, and also one of those suggests that Meredith Grey will change Richard Webber– but would certainly that be a fitting ending for Meredith after whatever she has gone via? Given that its premiere on ABC back in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy has turned into one of one of the most precious and successful medical dramas recently thanks to its combination of drama as well as funny as well as its more intimate approach to the stories of the hospital’s team as well as those of their many people.

Like every other medical dramatization, Grey’s Anatomy adheres to the lives of surgical interns, homeowners, as well as attendings as they do their best to juggle their personal and also professional lives, with these commonly producing a lot and overlapping of drama inside and outside the medical facility. Grey’s Anatomy is led by Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), that started her trip as an intern along with numerous various other fan-favorite personalities, such as Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) as well as Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). Meredith, in addition to Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr) and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), is one of the personalities that have been in Grey’s Anatomy since season 1, and also she’s anticipated to be there until the actual end.

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most prominent Television programs in recent years, its top quality has actually been in decrease for a while currently, yet the series is already confirmed to proceed with a 19th season. The events of period 18 have re-sparked supposition over Grey’s Anatomy being on its way to finally end, and also with this, several concepts have emerged on exactly how the series will bring Meredith’s tale to an end, and one suggests she will take Richard Webber’s place, bringing Grey’s Anatomy to a complete and timeless circle, though that might not be the best for Meredith.

Grey’s Anatomy Theory: Meredith Replaces Richard Webber

There are a selection of concepts on exactly how Grey’s Anatomy will certainly finish– some include Meredith, others do not– and also while some are disappointing and also dark, there are others that lean more towards a classic vibe. Among those (posted on Reddit) suggests that Meredith will certainly end up becoming Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, therefore taking Richard Webber’s place. The author of this theory suggests that the last scene in Grey’s Anatomy will certainly be Meredith providing the same speech Webber provided her as well as her fellow trainees in period 1, thus giving the target market a really psychological full-circle moment. Amongst one of the most preferred concepts on exactly how Grey’s Anatomy will finish is one that suggests that Webber’s retirement will certainly be the closing event of the collection, as this would certainly permit the writers to bring back some precious characters, such as Cristina, Karev, and also Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), and Meredith taking his place will be the culmination of all her training and also effort throughout all these years.

This theory can also merge with others, such as the one that suggests Meredith’s little girl, Zola, will certainly end up being a resident at Grey Sloan, though it can also generate some of the saddest theories, as is Zola trying to discover a remedy for Meredith’s Alzheimer’s. On the other hand, the theory itself doesn’t describe what will certainly happen with Webber– if he will certainly retire, take a task at one more hospital, or die, as Grey’s Anatomy is infamous for eliminating beloved personalities– and while Meredith taking his place at Grey Sloan would absolutely be a very psychological moment that would certainly pay off all her hard work and bring her story to a cycle, it would not be the very best ending for her.

The Problem With Meredith Taking Webber’s Place

Although Meredith taking Webber’s place at the end of Grey’s Anatomy is just one of the happiest closings there could be, it still isn’t a fully happy one for Meredith. Throughout Grey’s Anatomy period 18, it ended up being clearer that, in order for Meredith to have a truly happy ending, she needs to leave Grey Sloan as well as Seattle. Meredith was close to finally relocating away and beginning a brand-new phase in her life in Minnesota with Nick (Scott Speedman), once again, she was drawn back right into Grey Sloan as the hospital’s only hope to save it and the resident program. Meredith hallucinated her mom, Ellis (Kate Burton), that revealed up to criticize her actions and choices, but she never ever showed up while Meredith was in Minnesota. All this points to Meredith’s best ending being away from Grey Sloan and Seattle, as there’s a lot of discomfort connected to these locations after whatever Meredith has seen and lived there.

If Meredith takes Webber’s place, this would certainly even more connect her to Grey Sloan and Seattle, thus stopping her from having a really happy ending. Definitely, there are ways in which Meredith can still have a relaxed and happy life in Seattle, suggesting she would have to work through her many problems with the medical facility as well as the uncomfortable memories attached to it, but after whatever she has gone through over the course of 18 periods, it would be a great deal much better if Grey’s Anatomy ended with Meredith as well as her family relocating away and also beginning a new, happier and also extra serene chapter in their lives.

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