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Harley Quinn Great Kept Secret Redefines Her Relationship with The Joker

She might have spent years aching after the Joker, however a duplicate of Harley Quinn shed a light on exactly how Harley actually felt during those years she was chasing the Clown Prince of Crime.

For years after Harley was presented into the DC Universe correct, she was stuck in a poisonous relationship with the Joker. Considering that calling it stops with the clown, Harley has had time to mirror on the years she spent chasing after the Joker and also lastly recognizes exactly how a lot far better she is without him.

In Harley Quinn # 19 by Karl Kessel and also Terry Dodson, Harley has actually a clone made of her after she made an offer to discover a new bride for a lonesome Bizarro. Harley thinks her Bizarro is majorly uptight, however Quinzarro is equally dissatisfied in her equivalent, especially due to the fact that she’s still in love with the Joker. Quinzarro chides Harley recognizing that she’s still in love with Joker in spite of exactly how badly he treats her.

Harley might not like what she states, yet unlike Superman’s Bizarro, Quinzarro has a logic that can’t be refuted. The majority of Bizarro duplicates usually have the worths of the heroes and also villains they are imitated, even if they have trouble revealing it. However Quinzarro has no problem clarifying just how Harley really recognizes the Joker does not like her, putting the years Quinn chased him in an entire brand-new light.

Harley Quinn is a whole lot of points, yet she isn’t silly. Harley’s even diagnosed her Joker obsession in the years after their separation. Luckily, Harley Quinn was able to break the cycle and also stopped bothering with an abusive monster like the Joker.

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