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Hostel Daze Season 2: Release Date, Plot And The Returning And New Cast

TVF and Amazon Prime Video will officially release Hostel Daze Season 2 soon. TVF finally dropped the video after a long wait. This one featured a lot of content from the studios and may be seen on different OTT platforms this season. Hostel Daze Season 2 was among them. We were relieved to see that it was included. The official trailer was uploaded a week ago and we can confirm that we are close to its release.

Saurabh Khanna & Abhishek Yadav’s Hostel Daze Season 2 will continue the story from the first season. What’s new on the show? Are the main characters moving on to senior life? Who is returning and who is moving on? We’ll tell you all about it today. All we know about this show, including its plot and trailer breakdown. We also know the potential new stories and the number of episodes that the show might return with. We’re off to the races!

Release Date

Amazon Prime Video will release Hostel Daze Season on July 23rd, 2021. It is not known how many episodes there will be. However, we expect it to be about 5, as with the previous season. Amazon and TVF acknowledge the success in the first season. This season may include more than five episodes, each of which will probably last for around 30 minutes.

Hostel Daze being an Amazon Original, the only viable option to watch the show is Amazon Prime Video. To stream the show, you will need to have an Amazon Prime account. Amazon currently offers two options for streaming Hostel Daze Season 2 on its Prime Subscription. You can stream Hostel Daze Season 2 monthly at Rs129 or yearly at Rs999.

Hostel Daze Season 2

The Returning And New Cast of Hostel Daze Season 2

Hostel Daze Season 2 Season 2 has its majority cast back. Some new characters will also be appearing on the show, such as crushes or juniors. Adarsh Gaurav is back as Ankit Pandey and Luv Vispute plays Chirag Bansal. Shubham Gaur plays Rupesh Bahati. Ahsaas Chauna will be the show’s main lead, unlike in the first season, where she was only there for a guest appearance. She plays Akanksha, Ankit’s crush. Nikhil Vijay will be playing Jatin. Ayushi Gusta as Nabomita and Sahil Verma for Rakhi are joining the cast, while Harsha Chemudu plays Ravi Teja.

Hostel Daze Season 2 Plot

Season 2 of Hostel Daze follows the adventures of Ankit, Chirag and Jaat who were accepted into a college hostel in the previous season. They got along well with seniors and attempted to create an identity at the hostel. The first season saw them fall in love, learn the Hostel’s rituals and even fall in love. It may be something they enjoy, sometimes it might not. The show ended on a positive note with the main characters finishing their semesters.

Hostel Daze Season 2 is now about their senior lives. The trailer for Hostel Daze reveals four years of Hostel. It may be a hint that the show will continue for another two seasons. This is speculation at this point. In the second season, some guys take their relationships to their girls to the next level. Some found new love interests, which might lead to some fights with their own. The seniors are also now seniors. A new junior batch is arriving at the place.

Season 2 of Hostel Daze teases Ankit, Chirag, Jaat and Akanksha will be the first to rag some students. Jatin deems the Juniors too innocent and labels them the worst people he’s ever met. The second season’s main characters are portrayed as fun rags. To some degree, it was OK until it exceeded its limits. The seniors’ future may be at stake if they don’t hear the complaints.


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