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Hyderabad Traffic Police use Akhanda for promoting road safety

Even because it continues to carry out waves in both theatres and OTT, Akhanda has now stumbled on an not actually unique fan following in the invent of a PSA shared by the Hyderabad Web site visitors Police. The police officers have historic a scene that includes Balakrishna and Pragya Jaiswal to showcase the importance of wearing seat belts while driving. 

The Boyapati Srinu directorial factors a scene in which Balakrishna is forced to all correct now train brakes to place a long way flung from a collision with a dashing lorry, and it is his persona Murali Krishna’s speedily pondering that saves Pragya’s Sharanya from a head be troubled. She is then told on the importance of wearing a seat belt, and is lectured on the preciousness of life. 

Taking a cue from this scene the Hyderabad police have posted a image from it on their Twitter take care of with the message, “No Matter How A ways, No Matter Whose Automobile, Continually Buckle Up!”

They extra thanked Balakrishna and Srinu for incorporating this message in Akhanda. The police officers wrote, “Thank you Nandamuri Balakrishna garu and Boyapati Srinu garu for promoting Avenue Safety. #Akhanda.”

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