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Input device kya hai and Output device kya hai in Hindi – what is the difference between the two?

Input Device: Do you still feel that just by switching on one Computer If it starts working, no friends cannot work without Output Device and Input Device. These two devices are the most important device of the computer. Just understand that if these two devices are not there, then the computer cannot do anything. Know Input Device Kya Hai…

You may have also used these devices, but why is there such importance of these two devices in the computer?… You will hardly know.

Today through this post you Input Device Kya Hai, Output Device Kya Hai, Input or Output Device Kya Hai, Output device in Hindi, Input Device or Output Device Mein Antar , Monitor Konsa Device Hai etc.

Output Device Kya Hai (What Is Output Device In Hindi)

List of topics

What is the output device

A Computer Ka Output Device is what we get as an output after a given input to a computer. When we give an input to the computer through an input device and then the data processing that takes place and then the output we get is received by the output device.

You know that Output Device Kise Kehte Hai

But you will know further how the Output Device Kaun Kaun Se Hai is.

Output Device Ke Prakar (Examples Of Output Devices)

Output device names

We receive the input given by us through the Output Device, know those Output Devices Name and Function of Output Device.

Monitor Output Device: If you have a question about which device the monitor is, it falls under the category of Output Device. It is the most main device of the computer. A monitor is a TV-like device. Without it, it is difficult to get anything working on the computer.

It is also called the Visual Display Unit. We use Monitor to view Video, Image and Documents. If there is no monitor, we cannot do anything on the computer. There are 2 types of Output Device Monitor.

Printer Output Device: This output device is used to print the information given to the computer and we get it in the form of Hard Copy. This changes the Output Device Soft Copy to Hard Copy.

Plotter Output Device: It also works like a printer. But it prints something in great shape. This allows Graph, Drawing, Chart to be printed. It is used to make a large drawing or photo and the photo is made on paper with the help of Pen, Pencil. It is used for Use Map, Constructions Plans etc.

Output Device Speaker: A speaker is also an output device of a computer. You can also listen to music from the speaker through a computer. The sound we hear through the speaker is generated by a part of the computer itself. Which is called Sound Card.

Projector: It is also an Output Device. It is used to show a photo or video on a large screen. Projector is used on white screen. On which Light is projected.

On this, you can give any information to many people at once. Which you can show through photos or videos. It is used to watch Movies, Slideshow and Videos.

So these were the names of the output devices through which we get the input.

After knowing the Output Device Name, now we will know…

Input Device Kya Hai (What Is Input Device)

What is an input device?

Through the Input Device, we input our data or Instruction into the computer. There are many types of Computer Ke Input Device, they all have different functions. It sends the information given by us to the computer, the computer understands it and then gives us the result.

Do you know which is the Input Device with the help of which we give Input to Computer.

So you know…

Input Devices of Computer In Hindi / Input Device Ke Naam

Examples of input devices

Which Input Device is given to you by the Input in the computer, it is further explained to you.

Keyboard: It is the main input device of the computer. We use the keyboard to insert data into the computer and it is brought into use to input the text and character. Whatever work we do on the computer is done by it. There are many Keys in the keyboard. Which includes Letters, Numbers, Symbols.

Trackball: It is a pointer device that is similar to a mouse. There is a ball on it. Which is brought into use by fingers or thumbs. It is used to point on the use computer. You can also use it in playing games.

Scanner: It inputs the photo or information already on a page directly into the computer. It saves any document in the computer as a photo. You can also edit a scanned document in it. In this, the user does not need to type Information.

Mouse: This is also the main Input Device of the computer. It is also called Pointer Device. With the help of the mouse, we can move the Icon of Arrow called Cursor which appears on the computer screen. The mouse has 2 buttons called Left Click and Right Click.

There is also a Scroll Wheel in which you can click on any button or menu that appears on the computer. Which can be dragged on the screen.

Light Pen: This Input Device is like a pen. It is used to create a photo or Graphics on the screen of the use computer. It is a Pointer Device.

Friends, this is the Input Output Device Ke Naam from which you give some kind of Input to the Computer.

Difference Between Input And Output Devices in Hindi

Difference between input and output devices

Although it is both a computer device but the work of both is different, due to which there are many differences between the two.

So know what is the difference between them.

Signals: The device that a user sends Input data to a computer is an Input Device and the device that converts Input to Output is called Output Device.

Carrier: The Input Device takes the data through the user and sends it to the Processor and takes the work of processing the data from the Output Device Processor and after the processing is complete it sends it back to the user.

Examples: Input Device includes Keyboard, Scanner, Joystick etc. Devices and Output Device includes Projector, Monitor, Plotters etc.

Work Process: Input Device helps Computer to take data from user and enter it in Computer System. The Output Device helps the computer to display the data and after the process is complete, it helps in displaying the result.

These were the differences that occur between the Input Device and the Output Device.


So friends here you got full information about Input Device and Output Device.

Now you must have understood that how the Input Device and Output Device we use to use the computer work.

Go to you in this post…

  • What is Output Device Kya Hai, Output Device Kise Kahte Hai and Output Device Ke Example.
  • What is Input Device, Input Device in Hindi, and Name of Input Device.
  • And also you came to know the difference between input and output devices in Hindi.

So friends, now you must have understood what is Input Device and Output Device. You got to know about the detailed information which you have been using till now.

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Thank you.

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