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Jaipur Police who are using natu natu song strongly, what have they done..?

Triple R movie is taking off all over the world. The song in the movie was also praised by the world. An example of this is the recent Golden Globe Award for Natu Natu Song. Along with this movie, the songs of the movie also pleased the world audience. Especially the Natu Natu song in the movie has become extremely popular. This song has already entered the Oscar qualification list. It also won the Golden Globe Award after Oscar. It won this award in the Best Original Song category.

With the arrival of the world class award, the whole country looked towards the Triple R team. He said it was wonderful and wished him well. Natu Natu became more and more popular. The whole country fell in love with this song. Not only that, they are also planning how to use this song. In this process. Some people are using the craze for business while others are using it to bring awareness among people. Recently, Jaipur Police has innovatively used this natu natu song to create awareness among people against drunk and driving.

On the photo of Charan and NTR taking steps, he wrote, Say no to no to no to no to driving while drinking. Sharing this photo on social media.. raise a glass and say cheers as a sign of RRR’s Golden Globe success. But, make sure that glass is not in our car. Drunk driving is a crime. This tweet has become viral.

And in the movie directed by Tollywood Jakanna Rajamouli, NTR acted as Komuram Bheem. Ram Charan acted as Alluri Seetaramaraju. Alia Bhatt as Charan and British model Olivier as NTR. Starring Ajay Devgan and Shriya in important roles, the movie collected more than 1200 crores worldwide and created a record. The film has won many international awards on many occasions.

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