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Kaali Film Controversial Poster Row: Citizens Demand Arrest Of Director For Portraying Goddess With Cigarette

A docudrama performance entitled Kaali, directed by Leena Manimekalai has a promotion poster depicting the actress, who is revealed dressed as Goddess Kaali, smoking a cigarette.

The poster created a public outrage promptly after appearing on social media sites, owing to the starlet all decked up as the goddess to look the part, however smoking a cigarette.

A particular area of the netizens has actually called out the director Leena Manimekalai for the wrongful depiction of the Goddess and also revealed anguish as they felt it was an insult to their religious beliefs.

The debate surfaced for the single reason of depicting Goddess Kaali with her accouterments plus a cigarette in her hand. An additional feature of the poster is that the goddess is shown holding the LGBTQ+ community’s flag AKA pride flag in among her hands.

An additional user wrote, “Why are Hindu gods, sirens, and also articles of faith buffooned, mocked, demeaned at the altar of ‘liberal creative thinking’? Must Hindus be punished for their resistance? Aren’t Hindus being compelled to adopt a more hardline pose?” (sic).

Another individual by the name of Chandra Prakash Singh wrote, “Every day H!ndu religious beliefs is mocked, Is govt. checking our persistence?? Dear @AmitShah @HMOIndia @PMOIndia @DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia Please don’t fail to remember just how we were doubted for injuring spiritual sentiments & necessary action should be taken”(sic).

A couple of angry Twitter individuals went an action in advance and also identified the Central BJP federal government, Amit Shah, and also others and also demanded stringent activity.

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