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Ladies First: Raghav Dewan Makes His Directorial Debut

Ladies First is a vivid short film that revolves around a lady named Suhana, that is chasing her imagine becoming a stand-up comedian while likewise planning on weding the love of her life. Threats get involved when her future hubby is shamed by her career. And that’s where the flick takes a steep turn as well as the trouble-making plot is disclosed, which at some point explains the dark spots of their relationship.

The film focuses on how vanity is an excellent scenario for a satisfied life. It clearly explains the importance of enthusiasm in a person’s journey, without which life comes to be monotonous as well as pointless. This acclaimed short movie is likewise seen battling society’s assumption of a perfect marital relationship which is oddly smeared around females compromising their occupations for their so-called husbands and family members.

The Director of the flick- Raghav Diwan has done a tremendous job in selecting the cast and team of the project that stands on target market expectation. It competes half an hour and quickly unfolds a captivating tale that traces the little bits as well as pieces of a woman’s location in our society. The vibrant cast also plays a crucial role in the weaves hidden inside the movie.

All the scenes are well played out, and the stars have phenomenal acting abilities. This brief film not only produces a psychological turn back but likewise sends a beautiful message to all those females who are oppressed by the social irregularities of Indian society. It is likely that the strong story of the motion picture will certainly make you begin evaluating the various facets of your life and how you test it every day.

The movie is written and guided By Raghav Diwan and has actually been generated by – Hiren Goswami, Mitesh Rabadia, Raghav Diwan, Vivek Bhadra, as well as Jigar Gori. The flick presents Pragati Seth, Rupesh Tillu, Akash Jayant, Manoj Mishra, Charu Sharma, and also Raghav Diwan in the leading actors. The camera work and also location help in recreating an essential feature that highlights the core of the movie.

The story is well crafted as well as scripted, which completely shows the needed information of the movie. It’s tough to miss out on out on such an enigmatic film that has solid performing, great setting, as well as a righteous message in the end. Ladies First is a star-struck, heartfelt, yet a manic movie that will make you attack your nails all via its run time.

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