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Love You Rachchu Movie Review: This romantic thriller comes with interesting twists but leads to a dead-end

With a legend written by director Shashank and completed by debut director Shankar S Raj, and filmmaker Guru Deshpande as inventive head, Love You Rachchu is a romantic thriller that revolves round a happily married couple. A 365 days into marriage, Ajay (Ajay), who holds a correct job at a non-public agency, needs to use his most valuable other’s (Rachita Ram) birthday at a resort. Nevertheless, his opinion goes awry when Ajay gets back home and finds his driver (Raghu Shivamogga) murdered. His most valuable other explains, what led to the execute. The couple decides to head on with the rush opinion. But, now, they two must always carry the corpse in conjunction with them.    

Solid: Ajay Rao and Rachita Ram

Director: Shankar S Raj

The movie is set this trip stuffed with emotional struggles, relationships, blackmail, distress, and unintended death. The chronicle has so a lot of suspenseful twists and opens up many secrets and recommendations of the couple’s previous. Because the 2 strive to develop their relationship work, one more twist derails the complete lot. The movie ends on a no longer-so-predictable mutter, however this can no longer linger within the viewers’s mind for a protracted time.

Ultimate learned: Don’t invite your previous. Karma is form of a boomerang that can in due route get back to you — this quote effectively fits the climax of Love You Rachchu.

Even supposing the movie brings in ingredients of shock, debutant director Shankar S Raj takes a informal approach along with his work. Thus, the opinion doesn’t let the viewers trip any excitement. Whereas the first-timer has carried out a good job, he fails to herald the brink-of-the-seat thrills. Likewise, a pair of scenes within the movie appear pointless to the movie’s lawsuits.

Director Shashank has scripted a correct tale for the movie. I saved questioning if the movie would hang labored better if he had directed the movie as effectively. Even supposing Ajay Rao is identified for his intense roles, the identical outdated depth in his performance is now not any longer viewed in Love You Rachchu, and there would possibly possibly be now not any additional effort viewed from his discontinue. Rachita has by now come out of her comfort zone and the streak-of-the-mill reviews. The movie proves that she is a performer, and it’s a long way dependent on how extra special one can extract that correct skill from her. Both the lead actors appear to hang gone by the director’s directions.

Even supposing the romantic thriller would possibly possibly possibly perchance perchance also no longer give you heart-racing moments, one would possibly possibly possibly perchance perchance discontinue up liking its tale and its message.

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