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Manifest Season 4: Latest Updates, Filming Status, Release Date, & More

Manifest is currently gearing up production for its fourth and final supersized Netflix season. We’ve known for some time that filming was due to get underway on the fourth season in New York but episode 1 looks to be rolling the cameras come November 18th, 2021.

We first reported back in early October 2021 that multiple production listings were stating that production on the new series is due to get underway at some point in November 2021.

It looks that’s progressed however with new information provided to What’s on Netflix stating that the cameras are due to begin rolling come November 18th.

Many of the cast and crew have been arriving in New York (where the series is filmed) in recent days. Some of the behind-the-scenes crew have been posting pictures including the rigging grip and shooting grip posting that they’re beginning setting up.

Once again, much of the series will be filmed at Silvercup Studios.

Romeo Tirone is expected to direct season 4 episode 1. The director has directed 5 episodes in total including Mayday: Part 2, Precious Cargo, Deadhead, Tailfin and Icing Conditions. In addition, Tirone has directed episodes of The Tick, Once Upon a Time, Constantine, and FBI: Most Wanted.

Henry Kim to Feature in Manifest Season 4

We also know that WB for Netflix has been casting for Henry Kim over the past few weeks and months.

The character is one of the returnees (passengers of Flight 828 who miraculously returned years later). He was first mentioned in episode 11 (Duty Free) of season 3.

According to Fandom, Kim “returns to Singapore where he is detained. He undergoes a military tribunal due to fear and suspicion of passengers rising. He is later executed by the Singaporean government. Michaela Stone learns of his death from Captain Kate Bowers, and his death is one of the deciding factors in her deciding to quit her job.”

The cast listing that What’s on Netflix has seen, states that Henry is “frail and thin” and “visually impaired”.

It’s worth noting that Murphy’s Multiverse was first to report on the filming date.

Elsewhere, many Netflix regions are still yet to receive seasons 1-3 of Manifest. As we’ve reported previously, some international regions’ rights are expiring later in November 2021.

For more on all things Manifest, keep it locked right here on What’s on Netflix, and don’t forget to go and give a read on our big season 4 preview which is packed full of information.

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