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Members Of Scottish Parliament To Bring A Resolution On Kashmiri Hindu Genocide

The Kashmir Files director and one of the thought leaders Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri in addition to the powerful female manufacturer and also starlet Pallavi Joshi have actually been making headings for the racism they are encountering from Oxford Union in Europe while they get on the ‘Humanity Tour’.

The duo embarked on the ‘Humanity Tour’ to spread out the message of peace as well as mankind across the globe. Their most recent stop was the Scottish Parliament, where Vivek Agnihotri discussed the mishappenings dealt with by Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir.

The filmmaker was praised by a senior member of the Scottish Parliament who devoted to bringing a motion for the Kashmiri Hindu genocide to compliment The Kashmir Files.

Sharing concerning the exact same on his social media sites, Vivek composed, “Member of Parliament, @Jackson Carlaw has actually devoted to bring a motion in Scottish Parliament on Kashmiri Hindu GENOCIDE and to commend #TheKashmirFiles for showing the discomfort of Hindus. The power of a sincere ‘PEOPLE’s FILM’. #HumanityTour”.

Vivek placed the genocide in Kashmir in the limelight with his speech. In the history of mankind, the Kashmir genocide is the lengthiest continual genocide. This an extremely unfortunate discourse on mankind because we have actually very uniquely shown empathy depending on what side of the national politics we are.”

This is mankind vs radicalization! This is humankind vs brainwashing! Anybody that takes up a weapon and also eliminates a child rapes a woman cuts any person right into 50 items, the whole humanity should stand up and also not just oppose it yet also make an initiative to beat it.”

With the vision to repay to the culture and also humanity, the makers of the truth-teller movie have actually started the ‘Humanity Tour’ whose schedule is to spread love and also awareness about India’s rich society and emphasize 5,000 years of feelings and also peace messages throughout the globe with their inspiring speeches.

The ‘Humanity Tour’ will have a couple of impactful screenings of The Kashmir Files, consisting of a see to the Jewish Museum.

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