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Molkki Today’s Full Episode 4th August 2021 Written Update Latest Spoilers – Entertainment News & Reality Shows & Netflix Latest Updates

The latest episode starts where Purvi is sitting with Virender holding his hand, she looks at him. Virender spends some quality time with kids. Meanwhile, Purvi, Nandini, and Veer smile seeing him playing with Juhi and Manas. Nandini and Veer also come there to join Virender and starts enjoying themselves with him and the kids. After some days, Virender gets back home with Purvi and Veer. Manas and Juhi run towards him and hugs him as well. Nandini gets emotional seeing him and does his aarti and hugs him saying “Welcome Home Baba… he smiles but Anjali, Aarav, and Prakshhi get sad seeing him seems like they never wanted him to be back.

Molkki Today's Full Episode 4th August 2021 Written Update Latest Spoilers

Meanwhile, Sudha comes to the mansion and says that she came here to meet Mukhi Ji because she thought that Mukhi Ji got discharged from the hospital. Purvi comes to her and starts to tease saying “I thought you brought Halwa again for someone” Sudha blushes, she smiles and denies shyly. There, Priyu comes to the dining table to serve food to Veer. Veer gets happy and says that he is feeling so good today as everyone is sitting together and having food.

Everyone nods happily, he says that he wants to share something and as everyone is gathered here after a while so he does not think that there will any other chance to share this. Virender looks at him and says to tell what he wants. Veer blushes and says that he loves someone and wants to take seven vows. Virender gets so happy listeninng this. Veer then says that she also loves him and wants to marry as well. Virender asks him to reveal the name now, Sudha blushes thinking that he will take her name but gets shocked when he says “Priyu…we love each other and want to get married now”.

Purvi and Sudha get stunned at this point because they did not expect this. Virender agrees to their wedding and says let’s get prepare for that if you really want this to happen. Veer and Priyu touch his feet and takes blessings. Virender says that he will keep you very happy and you have a good choice. Meanwhile, Sudha leaves and Purvi looks at her worried. After too much drama, in the last scene, you will watch, Anjali telling Priyu that once she got married to Veer she will be the mistress, and then she can enjoy her life happily without giving a damn to anyone.

Meanwhile, Purvi comes there and overhears their conversation, she takes her to Virender and says her to reveal the secret. Where Priyu says that Purvi is forcing him not to marry Veer but she loves him unconditionally. Virender says that their wedding will take place tomorrow, Purvi and Sudha get a clip where they watch Priyu and Veer’s incident video and get shocked. The episode ends here to stay tuned with us to get more fresh episodes updates.

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