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Naatu Naatu: Cried for an hour and a half after getting the Golden Globe award: Prem Rakshit

It is recognized that Rajmouli’s smash hit movie ‘RRR’, starring NTR and Ramcharan, won the Golden Globe Award. This honor has also been given to the track ‘Natu Natu’ which motivated the youth throughout the globe. When he got the award for this song and he couldn’t quit sobbing, Dance master Prem Rakshit obtained psychological saying that his mind went blank.

When I was told that “Natu Natu”had won an honor, I didn’t understand what to claim. Keeravanigari’s music includes stamina to this track. Just how should the tune ‘Natu Natu’ be?

Along with the lead characters, other artistes additionally practiced for 20 days for this tune. For the Natu step, Prem invested two months composing various dance make-ups. “None of the actors took a break after going to fire for a song.

“When it involves Tarak and Ram Charan, one is a lion and the other is a leopard. Their emphasis was on what the choreographer was doing. As we are singing for such people, we have actually designed 118 various steps keeping them in mind. As quickly as ‘Natu Natu’ was said, both of them would walk away in sync. I don’t recognize how that is feasible. They add touches and glows to it if we begin from scrape. Am I pleased as an average Indian to get the award? There are many possibilities around us in India. No need to look worldwide. Now the Golden Globe has actually gotten here. Even bigger awards will concern Indian films,” stated Prem Rakshit.

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