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NET movie review: Rahul Ramakrishna shoulders a no-frills thriller 

Even supposing the title NET is a derivative of the obtain in the context of the movie’s storyline, its bodily counterpart, an staunch obtain that’s frail to consume animals, befits its higher solutions. The movie’s two main characters, in spite of the whole thing, obtain themselves seized in a obtain stitched with voyeurism; a verbalize of captivity they every warfare to free themselves from. Laxman (Rahul Ramakrishna) is a exiguous-towner, running a cell retail store who seizes no opportunity to scrutinize at any lady he comes all the plot by plot of. His look is surely one of the critical residuals of his voyeuristic instincts. Laxman’s marriage with Suchita (Praneeta Patnaik) is loveless and even the intercourse is passionless. He doesn’t even originate stare contact for the length of the act whereas Suchitra pines for some stage of reciprocity. As a replace, Laxman finds pleasure in observing moments of intimacy captured with secret cameras. The specificity of his desires cobbled with the repercussions originate NET what it is some distance: a atrocious myth of voyeurism that’s weirdly amusing even as you watched of how distasteful and wicked the protagonist’s intentions are. 

Solid: Rahul Ramakrishna, Praneeta Patnaik, Avika Gor, Vishwadev Rachakonda

Route: Bhargav Macharla

Streaming on: ZEE5

When Laxman finishes having intercourse with his accomplice early in the movie and immediately goes to the washroom to have a examine pornography, I felt it used to be attempting to mimic Joesph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon. But boy, the movie has something else in store. Laxman’s inclination to peek into other of us’s extremely deepest moments is now not lawful creepy however moreover dark on multiple ranges. As an particular individual too, he comes all the plot by plot of more admire a peeping tom, than a risk. The writing items up his character successfully in the gap act and we by no manner quiz the questionable choices he goes on to originate later in the movie – having understood how his thoughts works the place his priorities lie.

As he goes on with his routine, he comes all the plot by plot of an net situation that enables him to have a examine reside streaming from homes with of us going on about their lives unaware of the surveillance and immediately begins his inch with Priya (Avika Gor), who only in the near previous moved in at the side of her boyfriend Ranjith (Vishwadev Rachakonda). Laxman quickly turns into Priya and issues, as anticipated, originate up to escalate. His efforts to fulfill Priya in individual fee him dearly: he is cheated by the obtain situation for a lump sum quantity and his marriage hits rock-bottom. Yet, it’s Priya who has to undergo the brunt of the scandal. Laxman is a mere spectator or an particular individual we would name an ‘enabler’.


The movie, however, by no manner tries to profit from the melodrama out of Priya’s pickle when all hell breaks free. Nor does it propound a social message or try to preach to us about respecting others’ privateness, despite having every manner to achieve so. Even Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan’s Tamil movie Lens, which deals with the identical theme, used to be guilty of a social message. I specifically cherished NET’s no-frills therapy. There may be barely any embellishment to the space. It brilliantly builds up stress with minimal sound when Laxman gawks at the couple by plot of his cell phone. Furthermore, digressing from the proclivity that has come to be in the OTT age, the intercourse scenes, be it between Laxman and Suchitra or the intimacy between Priya and Rajith, are seemingly to be now not frail to evoke a interesting obtain. 

Rahul Ramakrishna embodies Laxman by keeping your whole vulnerabilities intact. He is a character who would per chance well presumably even be without complications incorrect for a caricature thirsting for intercourse in the fingers of a lesser actor and director. The fashion Rahul performs it even when, makes you surely feel sympathetic in the direction of a hapless dimwit who’s subsisting on a life that’s removed from what he envisioned, whereas moreover invoking a sense of disgust, especially when he mistreats his successfully-meaning accomplice. Praneeta Patnaik’s Suchitra, despite the shortcoming of company, is now not a stereotype either. The presence of characters admire Suchitra and Ranjith makes this thriller an examination of unsuitable relationships as successfully. On the assorted hand, Avika Gor’s Priya comes with superficiality and is more cinematic – which starts to glare when positioned beside the pretty life-admire portrayal of Laxman and Suchitra.

The background ranking, however, left me at a loss for phrases at cases. A melodious theme recurs every time we explore Laxman peeping at the couple by plot of his cell phone. The equal share of track, which I imagine, will correctly suit a proposal scene or a montage in a rom-com, feels out of situation when it is some distance over imposed on a sprint in a position to have a examine a couple originate cherish. 

To your whole, NET is a self-aware strive that works more as a drama than a thriller. A effective efficiency from Rahul Ramakrishna and the easy therapy makes it surely one of the critical higher movies of the 300 and sixty five days.

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