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Obi-Wan Kenobi Remixes Sith Rule of Two and A Franchise Stereotype

One of the biggest secrets in Obi-Wan Kenobi was how Reva, the Third Sister from Fortress Inquisitorious, came to be Darth Vader’s pseudo-apprentice. She also recognized he was Anakin Skywalker, which had folks questioning if she was a youngling at the Jedi temple on Coruscant. If so, several were interested why she broke poor and aided eliminate for the Empire.

Luckily, the fifth episode of the series lastly exposed every little thing between Reva as well as Vader. As expected, Reva was indeed linked to the Jedi program before Order 66. The series threw fans for a loophole, remixing the Sith Role of Two as well as an additional franchise stereotype.

The Sith Rule of Two existed for many lords and pupils. Below, the juniors tried to seize control by killing their teachers. Darth Sidious/Palpatine did so to Plagueis, like many prior to him, and also Vader pondered a way to kill his master and also take power, as the comics and also animations disclosed.

Paradoxically, Reva tried to eliminate her master also, but it wasn’t regarding power. It transforms out, Reva was a youngling during Order 66, who faked her death when Anakin reduced down the youngsters at the holy place.

Nonetheless, much like Palpatine noticed betrayal remaining, Vader recognized what Reva’s mission was all along. He injured and left her on Jabiim, celebrating concerning her weakness and how conveniently foreseeable she was. To rub salt in the wounds, seeing as he had his Grand Inquisitor back, it felt like the Sith masters moving on to an additional apprentice– something which left Reva incensed.

As for the other franchise stereotype that got revamped, it concerned temptation by means of the Force. Usually, it was made use of to tempt people to the Dark Side, as seen with the Emperor coaxing Anakin and Luke, as well as in how Snoke and also Palpatine drew Ben Solo and afterwards tried to bring Rey in. Also Kylo Ren attempted to woo Rey with it, wishing she ‘d give in and take control of the galaxy.

Obi-Wan, though, pled Reva to come back to the light and remember her Jedi principles. He understood one much less slave driver like her would certainly conserve lives and also her tortured heart. This at some point influenced her to attack Vader quicker as opposed to later on; although, it did feel like Ben was using her as a pawn. Still, these were hopeless times, as well as Ben needed to use whatever at his disposal to quit the Empire, even if it meant pressing Reva to combat her advisor. Eventually, his lure was for the higher excellent, all about freedom and redemption, which was worth the sacrifice.

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