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Obi-Wan Kenobi: The Problem With Prequels


Putting a brand-new piece into a bigger franchise can be hard, particularly when everybody understands where and when most primary characters will pass away.


Establishing the franchise timeline is a long and complicated procedure, however every brand-new entry into the history of a character with a specified ending has an uphill struggle. It can be difficult to develop stress when the story has a thousand integrated spoilers and the ending was settled years back.

Obi-Wan Kenobi dramatizes the life of among the most cherished Star Wars characters in the duration in between the prequels and the initial trilogy. The primary cast of the series consists of the eponymous Obi-Wan and a young Princess Leia, both of whom passed away on-screen in other Star Wars jobs. This makes it quite hard to see young Leia hanging from a high wire and overlook the reality that all of us understand she’ll be great.


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Obi-Wan Kenobi will end with the titular previous master living on Tatooine as a hermit and monitoring Luke as he enters into his force powers. The series will end with Leia entering into her function in the Disobedience and her function in the politics of her house world Alderaan. Fans currently understand all the significant occasions that will follow the occasions of the series. While the moments consisted of within are brand-new product, the effect of the story is compromised by the reality that everybody has actually currently seen hours of “where are they now” material for the primary characters. This puts a high bounty on brand-new characters, however the program does not offer almost enough to alter the effect. This is a problem that the franchise will continue to handle and hasn’t discovered a stylish service to.


This isn’t unusual in franchise media. Most of the biggest names in contemporary movie theater are based around IP which was developed in the previous millennium, if not earlier. Prequels aren’t without benefit, there’s still a lot of enjoyable to be discovered in these stories. Nevertheless, stress is currently among the most difficult elements of storytelling. Every prequel begins with a place of problem when it pertains to constructing thriller. Everybody can watch Obi-Wan in a roof shootout versus fatal crooks or penetrating a complicated kidnapping operation, however fans understand he’ll come out the opposite simply great. This uses to much of the supporting cast also. Owen Lars is held at lightsaber-point by The 3rd Sis, his life is threatened, and the extreme music swells as if the audience needs to be viewing from in between their fingers and hyperventilating with tension. Rather, most audiences see a character that passes away a couple of minutes into A Brand-new Hope being pointlessly questioned.


Obviously, the risk of death isn’t and should not be the only method to develop stress. Characters can set out on missions with failure as the main risk, more philosophical triumphes might be at stake and even the basic pursuit of a suitable. Sadly, Obi-Wan’s missions in the very first episodes are to secure Luke and rescue Leia. Great news, he’ll be successful at both. Star Wars is far too dependent on recognized characters and far too reticent to present fascinating brand-new faces to the franchise. The factor behind this is apparent, timeless characters are valuable and right away ensure a specific audience. Alternatively, brand-new characters bring the threat of being disliked by the audience, whether for excellent factors or perilous ones. Sadly, fans have actually currently seen the successes, failures, and last moments of most of these characters, that makes them feel sadly invincible in any prequel.


Numerous other Star Wars jobs have this problem, however Obi-Wan may be the worst example yet. Its main and secondary cast is comprised nearly totally of identifiable characters who are immune from all dangers. Solo was comparably jeopardized, however that movie presented a range of brand-new faces along with the old ones. The Mandalorian likewise occurs in a duration in between recognized timeline moments, however its cast is nearly totally brand-new and interesting. The Book of Boba Fett is nearly all developed characters, however it portrays the future of their journey, instead of the past. Sure, there’s a specific level of predictability in all of these works, since Disney will withstand letting any pleasant figures pass away prior to they have actually made all possible revenue off of them, however even that can in some cases amaze audiences. There’s still a lot of enjoyable to be had with stories like Obi-Wan Kenobi, however the effect is compromised by the viewed invincibility of the primary characters.


There are ways around this problem, perhaps Obi-Wan Kenobi will discover its own service in future episodes. Any prequel story resists the specified laws of its recognized future, and those difficult canonical guidelines can be artistically suppressing. Disney isn’t going to stop making stories about cherished characters, despite how much of their life fans have actually seen portrayed. Ideally, future operate in the franchise figure out a method of making a story keep its stress, even after fans have actually seen the result.

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