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Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Use Of Reva Shows He Has Changed – Worse

Obi-Wan was always a paragon of merit, but now he’s transformed. He’s ready to manipulate and also utilize Reva simply to quit Vader, understanding that she might die.

The Obi-Wan Kenobi collection has revealed a really different variation of the fabulous Star Wars hero. He was brave and when virtuous. Currently he is guilt-ridden and also appears to be without hope. How he works with individuals is likewise altering. Partly V of Obi-Wan Kenobi he shows that he isn’t above adjustment, something he has been accused of carrying out in the initial trilogy. He aims Reva at Darth Vader and also allows her loosened, totally aware that she was no match for the Sith Lord. This is a dark moment for Obi-Wan, yet fits with his characterization.

Obi-Wan was as soon as a wonderful Jedi Master. He sat on the Jedi Council and also was just one of the most effective generals during the Clone Wars. He strived to always support the Jedi Code, placing life and light most importantly else. While those perfects often got muddied throughout the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan was the criterion that many Jedi should’ve strived for. In spite of having some of his old stimulate back, the method he used Reva in this episode was underhanded. She has done some terrible points, yet he voluntarily sacrificed her by manipulating her discomfort and injury. This reveals an advancement for Obi-Wan and places him one action more detailed to his original trilogy counterpart.

Obi-Wan was hopeless to acquire time for the evacuees to escape. He had actually figured out that Reva saw Anakin kill the Jedi at the Temple and that she have to have been a Youngling. Obi-Wan used her very own temper and also worry to make her turn on Vader at a moment when it would be most convenient to him.

This is a dark course for Obi-Wan to take, as well as it definitely isn’t the Jedi method. Obi-Wan has a new overview on life, his old method of assuming passed away together with the Jedi Order.

The galaxy is a much darker location as well as Obi-Wan has had to adjust. While Obi-Wan’s intentions are pure with Luke, they were not with Reva. Manipulating her like that reveals that Obi-Wan has actually left behind some of his merit as well as nobility and also accepted and also adapted to his new situations.

Obi-Wan is changing; the individual he was can not work within Empire-controlled galaxy. He is starting to regain his hope as well as his spirit, but he will certainly never ever be the same Jedi. His manipulation and sacrifice of Reva verifies that. He understood that Darth Vader would ruin her, yet he really did not think twice to press her right into striking him. While he may have thought Reva can surprise him, he unquestionably knew that Vader was currently aware of her. This personality moment aids to make sense of his mindset and also the Jedi that he becomes in the original trilogy.

The Season 1 ending of Obi-Wan Kenobi premieres June 22, on Disney+.

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