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Outer Banks Season 2: Everything We Know So Far And Who Is In The Cast?

Poor John B (Chase Stokes) Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), The Lovebirds outer BanksThe truth is, you can’t catch any break.

E! News’ exclusive preview clip from the first episode of the hit Netflix series’ second season, debuting Friday, July 30, even their attempt to enjoy a romantic slow dance along the beach leads to trouble.

The scene opens with them reviving their “Val” and “Vlad” nicknames from the original season. John B says “Hey Val”, Sarah naturally responds “Hey Vlad!” He then asked, “Wanna you dance?” She then calls back her Russian accent, and she responds with a flirty, “Yes.”

Who Is In The Outer Banks Season 2 Cast?

The main cast members of the show will be returning for the second season, so fans can rest easy.

Cast member Chase Stokes reprises his role as John B. Madelyn Cameron returns as Sarah Cameron. Madison Bailey plays Kie and Jonathan Daviss takes the Pope’s seat.

Rudy Pankow will be back as JJ. Austin North plays Topper. Drew Starkey will return as Rafe. Deion Scott is Kelce. Charles Esten will also be back as Ward Cameron.

The new episodes will also feature some new faces. Cleo is played in Roots by Carlacia Gartin. Cleo is described as: “Confident and fearless, Cleo (a Nassau girl, a formidable artist dodger, whose world collides with Pogues’”

Elizabeth Mitchell, a Once Upon a Time actor, will play Limbrey. The library is a ‘compelling woman with a level toxicity or menace underneath her seemingly pleasant ways’.

What Happens In Outer Banks Season 2?

While details of the plot are still under wraps, you can rest assured that the story will move to at least part of the Bahamas.

Officially, the account posted a teaser video of the show with the words: “See You in the Bahamas.”

The trailer released for the series also gives a hint of what’s to come, and if lead actor Chase is anything to go by, there’s a whole lot to look out for.

Chicks in the Office podcast interviewed him about the production wrapping. It has been a wild ride. This season is just the beginning of a crazy tale.

“I didn’t believe we could add to the chaos of the previous season but somehow, someway, we managed it. It’s a cool story and has lots of meaning.

He stated, “I’m really proud” of this season. According to what I’ve observed, it is my personal favorite. It’s been great to see everything that we created last season rolled into the new season.

When Does Outer Banks Season 2 Come Out?

Netflix previously confirmed Outer Banks‘ arrival on the streaming platform, July 30.

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