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“Pavitra Lokesh Married Me” Alleges Suchendra Prasad; Claimboth Never Believed The Certificate!

Amidst the continuous rift in between the ex-wife of Vijaya Krishna Naresh AKA Naresh, Ramya Raghupathi, and also his alleged live-in relationship with character musician Pavithra Lokesh, Pavithra Lokesh’s ex-husband Suchendra Prasad has actually appeared to give his item or two regarding their relationship and his former partner.

It was already reported that Naresh and also Pavithra Lokesh were caught red-handed by Ramya Raghupathi at a hotel in Mysore lately. The 3 events have been talking to the media offering their versions of the concern. Pavithra Lokesh’s multi-talented Kannada actor-cum-director Suchendra Prasad’s current comments on Pavithra Lokesh have caught our eyes.

According to several of the leading entertainment sites, Suchendra Prasad, a notable movie personality in the Kannada sector, is married to Pavithra Lokesh, and has a child from their connection spanning more than a decade. Following the information of Naresh and also Pavithra living together, Suchendra Prasad is said to have asserted that he and Pavithra Lokesh got married in the year 2004 after falling in love. As both of them are against the western impact, they did not rely on a marital relationship certificate considering that it is custom-made obtained from the West.

He even more included that his passport as well as Aadhaar card are adequate proof of their marriage to every various other. As partner as well as hubby, the duo went to a number of occasions with each other, stated Suchendra Prasad.

Suchendra Prasad is said to have declared that Pavithra Lokesh is constantly a person who is not totally committed to any connection she has actually had so far.

Suchendra Prasad as well as Ramya Raghupathi, corresponding spouses of Pavithra Lokesh as well as VK Naresh are yet to be lawfully divided. Naresh as well as Pavithra have begun living with each other given that the pandemic-induced lockdown in Hyderabad. Pavithra is also seen in the superstar household parties in addition to Naresh.

The marriage negotiations and also exclusive issues are to be dealt with self-respect in the law court but sadly, both Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh have come to be the headlines for all the incorrect reasons.

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