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Pushpaka Vimanam Movie Review: An enjoyable comedy doubling up as a whodunit

I in actuality occupy repeatedly realized flashbacks to be a monotonous storytelling tool. Many of the time, we know the intention a flashback ends because we know where the characters stand within the prevailing. For occasion, when a flashback sequence specializes within the previous of a personality that we know has already died, it takes the surprise away. That’s a conundrum with many of the movies the utilize of this methodology to extra their reports. Obviously, I sighed when Pushpaka Vimanam gash to a flashback within the 2nd half after a jolly proper form first half. The question that ran through my thoughts—is that this backstory rate spending time on when the prevailing looks a ways more fun and thrilling? Director Damodara, who additionally wrote the film, makes obvious it doesn’t bore us, though.

Directed by: Damodara

Solid: Anand Deve

rakonda, Geeth Saini, Saanve Megghana, Naresh

It’s the minute tiny print that give more depth to the proceedings, if now not entirely commerce the yarn. Probably, I’m pondering too principal. Even an aquarium and the protagonist’s home add to your entire characterize. Pushpaka Vimanam is neither severe nor indulgent, it’s a straightforward comedy that additionally serves as a thriller. The craft is unsophisticated; the toughest the film tries to take your attention is by placing neon lighting in about a scenes. The writing is ravishing albeit with about a loose ends. The memoir, nonetheless, is severe, and even tragic, even as you reveal about it, but it’s instructed with so principal humour and quirkiness. Even Ram Miriyala’s super proper form soundtrack bolsters in preserving the mood stuffed with life. With the memoir bringing crime, comedy, and tragedy collectively, it’s an abnormal mixture, but the film succeeds in inserting a steadiness.

Anand Deverakonda performs Sundar, a alarmed college trainer, whose newly-wed wife Meenakshi (Geeth Saini) elopes alongside with her lover. All primarily the necessary half of the film is dedicated to his travails as he runs from pillar to post preserving his wife’s absconding a secret from individuals around him; Sundar feels humiliated that he has to stay with the undeniable truth that his wife left him for someone better. The film has relatively about a fun with this thought and builds more than one fun achieve pieces from it. The prying neighbour (Harshavardhan), the successfully-that means but stressful colleagues carried out by Naresh and Giridhar, a dart agent (Bhadram) who books for the couple’s honeymoon, add to the fun. And many of the humour works, thanks to the Sundar’s helplessness, which is on the entire the butt of the jokes.

I reveal the success of Middle Class Melodies encouraged the makers to promote this film as yet any other family comedy, which it is miles, but there’s more to it, in particular within the 2nd half when it becomes a thriller film. There’s a crime that extra complicates Sundar’s lifestyles and the lad now has to free himself from now not noble the humiliation, but has to absolve himself of the prison mark. What begins as a low-stakes comedy becomes a excessive-stakes man-on-the-inch thriller. I receive it an extremely dauntless different to point out a extraordinarily necessary (even comely) point at some point of the interval and use the remaining of the film leading up towards ‘how’ that transpired.

Enter Sunil as the repute-chasing police officer (he gets a terrific introduction scene), the mood of the film keeps oscillating between a awful crime thriller and a gentle comedy. Nevertheless I wish the script provided Sunil better than being a stoic, suspecting police officer. The identical goes alongside with his colleagues. If there’s a personality that stands out from the bunch, it is miles Saanvee’s Rekha, an actor who Sundar hires to behave as his wife. She has a wide scene with Sunil in a police station, and even supposing you foresee what’s in store, it still lands, thanks to Saanvee’s performance. We are awake of the humour emanating from confusion: characters give various answers to the question simultaneously, they’re now not on the identical online page… you bag the principle, upright? These sketches work resulting from the inherent awkwardness, and Pushpaka Vimanam gets the metre upright.

That is where Anand Deverakonda’s performance comes into play. He’s ideal as the dorky and ever-apprehensive Sundar. In a single scene, he’s pitted against a shirtless man with bulging triceps, and you watch that this guy is anything but an alpha male; he’s a most now not going ‘hero’. Anand embodies Sundar’s perpetual restlessness superbly.

The topic with the film, though, is it’s all over the achieve the draw. The comedy, at instances, feels repetitive. For a film that makes some dauntless selections, it’s unhappy that the filmmaker still feels the occupy to churn comedy from age-previous tips fancy a personality slapping the opposite.

In all, Pushpaka Vimanam is an appetizing comedy that doubles up as a whodunit. After a lustrous favor-off, this flight does journey turbulence, but it lands safely.

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