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Raghu's debut venture Jaadaghatta to hit theatres on Feb 4

Jaadaghatta is an upcoming household drama slated to originate on February 4. The film marks the debut of S Raghu, who has donned multiple hats for the film. Other than playing the lead, Raghu has dealt with the film’s memoir, screenplay, dialogue, direction, editing and has also sung a song in the film.

“I even fill worked in the editing division for nearly 10 years. I even fill build in the abilities and data I won over the years in Jaadaghatta,” says Raghu, who has approach with a village-based fully field about a father-son bond.

“The film revolves around a teenage boy. The topic explains the resolutions he has to absorb his lifetime for the household and nation,” Raghu provides.

Jaadaghatta, made below Shashimani Productions, functions many freshers. “I even fill also employed of us from my village Mandya, who had been fervent to work below my direction,” says Raghu. Suhan S Gowda, Harshitha P, Prerana Raju, Anu, Venu, Lohith, and Ramesh S are segment of the ensemble forged. Abhishek G Roy has unruffled the song for the film.  

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