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Rider Movie Review: Casting makes all the difference in this familiar film 

Rider is the most modern movie to fee up for the list of romantic-themed movies that handle the theme of reconnecting with one’s childhood crush. Directed by Vijay Kumar Konda, the movie explores youthful emotions and efficiently blends the memoir with business aspects which is a prerequisite for fulfillment on the sphere website online of job.

The movie revolves spherical Surya (Nikhil), an orphan, and Chinnu (Kashmira), who develop up as chums in an ashram. However, they are separated when Chinnu will get abet to her of us and Surya is adopted true into a well-settled family. He aspires to vary into a nationwide basketball participant, and Chinnu comes abet to India from Australia. Both initiate up the quest to earn their first fancy. With interesting screen-and-look trend sequences, and moments of heartbreaks bring in slightly various excitement about this quest, which ends in a cliched climax.

While Vijay Kumar Konda has roped within the qualified solid for Rider, all eyes are on Nikhil Kumar, who has surely improved on the acting front. Nikhil will get to manufacture all that’s required from a well-known particular person, and likewise will get to showcase his sporting talents. Equal significance is given to Kashmira, whose performance too is efficient. The place there could be Chikkanna, there could be room for some laughter, and he in conjunction with Shivaraj KR Pete brings aid to the movie. But, it’s miles the presence of the antagonists that don’t augur well for this fancy narrative.

Rider has affluent manufacturing good, and the lavish locations add to the texture of the movie. Both the track by Arjun Janya and cinematography by Shreesha Kuduvalli elevate the movie.

With the core narrative being one thing that’s tried and examined, Rider surely has the makings of a one-time ogle, and it could well more than seemingly had been just correct that if no longer for fans of Nikhil Kumaraswamy, who would survey the movie as an efficient showreel of their popular well-known particular person.

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