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Sailesh Kolanu The plan is big.. Director Shailesh Kolanu with the heroes of the hit franchise

In 2020, director Sailesh Kolanu trembled package workplace by making a hit film (HIT) with young hero Vishwaksen. This movie, which remains in the criminal offense thriller category with thriller aspects, not just received vital praise, yet additionally offered Shailesh a good break as a director. Shailesh Kolanu, that intended Hit as a franchisee, just recently came prior to the audience with Hit 2 (HIT 2).

This moment the skilled actor Adivishesh is cast as the hero in the follow up. This motion picture is additionally being screened on December 2 with good talk at the box workplace. In an interview provided to the media as part of Hit 2 promotions, Shailesh Kolana gave an upgrade regarding Hit 3 as well as filled up the movie enthusiasts with enthusiasm.

He additionally claimed that there will certainly be a hit 3 with all-natural celebrity Nani, that acted as the manufacturer of the sequel. Director Shailesh Kolana shared the still with all the heroes of the latest hit franchise with Twitter. Hit 3 (HIT 3) is going to be massive.

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