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Samantha: Another beautiful song

Tollywood celebrity heroine Samantha needs no special intro. Samantha’s latest pan India movie is Shakunthalam. All the followers are excitedly waiting for this film.

Gunasekhar guided this motion picture based upon Kalidasa’s “Abhijnana Sakunthalam”. Dev Mohan will be viewed as Dusyantha in this motion picture starring Samantha as Shakuntala. The film unit is launching each song as part of this film promos.

Just recently another song was launched from this film. “Elelo elelo elo yala. elelo elo yala. elelo elo yala”. When Shakuntala is leaving in a ship to meet her hubby, this is the song that comes. Mani Sharma sang this song in a song ideal for the celebration. Anurag Kulkarni has actually sung the song with verses by Chaitanya Prasad.

Also though the movie device has revealed that the movie will release worldwide on February 17, there are reports that it has been postponed once again. Will the movie release on the same day as the system is introduced?

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