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Samyukta: Why tails behind names?

Kerala Kutty Samyukta Menon requires no unique intro. In 2016, this Bhama power star, who entered the movie industry as a heroine with the Malayalam film Papakarn, was presented to the Telugu sector with the movie Pawan Kalyan Bhimla Nayak. In this movie, Rana was impressed by her role as Jodi. Afterwards, she acted in Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara.

The movie will hit the displays on February 17. She has likewise disclosed the reasons behind her modification of name from Sanyukta Menon to Sanyukta.

“There was always the idea of not proceeding Menon behind my name. We compose our name along with the household name when we join the college. I likewise signed up the name Samyukta Menon. Yet there was not much understanding concerning it at that time. Raanu Why should there be such tails behind an individual’s name? The idea started in me.

My mother did not desire me to lug on my papa’s household name. My social media is additionally integrated with the films I act in. Acting in psychological scenes was not an obstacle for me,” she said.

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