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Sankranthi Movies: Sankranthi movies there is a big problem

Internet Desk: Sankranti movies are a buzz at the box office. But, this time the buzz is going to double. Not one, not two, five films are ready to entertain this time. Vijay’s ‘Varasudu’ (January 11), Ajith’s ‘Tegimpu’ (January 11), Balakrishna’s ‘Veerasimha Reddy’ (January 12), Chiranjeevi’s ‘Waltheru Veeraiya’ (January 13), Santosh Shobhan’s Kalyanam Kamaniyam (January 14) will be released. however,

Demand for theatres

There is a huge demand for theaters in Telugu states as the films of top protagonists are coming. Fans have already started lobbying to get more theaters for their protagonist’s film. Along with multiplexes, talks are also being held with single screen theater owners. Some are recommending politically. In some other places, it is reported that they are preparing to pay the advances in advance. Tamil heroes Ajith and Vijay are ahead in the race for Sankranthi and they are likely to get maximum number of theatres. After that, Balakrishna will have to share theaters with ‘Veera Simha Reddy’ and Chiranjeevi with ‘Waltheru Veeraya’. This time the box office is going to be more juicy with Chiru-Balakrishna films in the Sankranti race.

Will ticket prices increase?

For the past few years, a series of films have been buzzing at the box office, but the ticket prices have not increased. The previously decided prices are being implemented. It is known that usually when big hero movies are released, they charge extra for the ticket price for the first week. Also allowed for additional shows. And Sankranti movies will get that permission? Or? We have to wait and see. To this extent, applications have already been sent to the Telugu state governments. The officials will take a final decision after saying a word to CM Jagan and CM KCR about the current situation.

While the ticket price in multiplexes is Rs. 175, there is a possibility to increase it by another hundred, according to movie sources. In single screen theaters there may be slight increase in ticket price depending on city, town and municipality. It is said that in AP it may be more than Rs.50. But, will the hike in ticket prices apply to all films? Or? That is also a major problem now. It is okay to set a maximum price for all films regardless of whether they are big or small, if they increase it according to their budget. Criticism is bound to happen if some films are promoted and others are shunned. With this, the governments will also take a decision on this. Currently bookings for Sankranti films are not open. The list is likely to come out this weekend after it is clear which movie will be released in which theatre.

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