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Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update 5th August 2021 SSK Episode Reema is blaming Geetanjali Devi – Entertainment News & Reality Shows & Netflix Latest Updates

As you all know that your favorite show is turning hot with the all episodes and Reema is blaming Geetanjali Devi for her father’s condition where Vivaan said that she can bear everything but getting her Dadi insulted he won’t even hear. Now in the latest episode, you will watch, where the episode begins with, Geetanjali Devi looks at his husband and Yamini Devi’s photo and gets a flashback where she went for a live show of Yamini Devi along with her husband where her husband was looking at her and Yamini Devi also looks at her husband and starts singing, she also recalls that how her husband falls in love with Yamini Devi where he proposed her after the show.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update

The flashback ends and Getaanjai gets scared thinking of the past. Suddenly fast winds come into the room and it shakes her, she gets some water and urges Lordess that when will this voice will leave her. There, Simar looks at Yamini Devi’s picture and says that she does not have Maa Saraswati’s pic but she has her’s and today she is so guilty as she wasted her precious time and did not even meet her and left the studio without recording.

Meanwhile, Badi Maa passes away from there and stops at her room out thinking about whom is she talking with. Badi Maa walks towards her and she was about to put her hand on Simar’s shoulder while Aarav calls her, Simar leaves. Aarav says her to sit tells her that he made a coffee today and that too by his hands. He says her to sit and sing soulfully so that Saraswati Mata will forgive her.

Badi Maa looks at them from far, Aarav offers coffee to Simar and says to have it, she takes coffee and Aarav as well. Aarav gets so happy listing to her, he says that he thinks that he will get darshan of Saraswati Maa this month, She asks him about how many days have left in this month, he asks her back that should he count. Meanwhile, Badi Maa enters the room and says 21… 21 days are remaining left in this month. They look at her, she says that she is counting each and every single minute. Badi Maa then says to Aarav that he never made a coffee for her, he says that now he has learned and now can make for her as well. She asks him to get a milk coffee for her. Simar says that she will make it, Badi Maa stops her saying that she wants her Grand Son to make a cup of coffee for her, Aarav says Okay, he leaves. Now, Badi Maa and Simar are alone in the room, so what will she do with her and what can she ask her. To know more watch the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 tonight at the right time.

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