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Sky Rojo season 2 : Release Date And All New Update

Sky Rojo season 2 brings viewers of the Netflix original series back to season 1, with their lives in jeopardy.

For Wendy, Gina, and Coral, life has not been easy. Their downward spiral with Romeo, their pimp, didn’t begin at Las Novias. But he sure made it worse.

They managed to escape, but they have been fighting tooth-and-nine to keep Christian, his henchmen, Moises, and Christian apart. The men will not leave them alone. The trio will follow them no matter where they go.

The ladies only have one choice. They must fight back with all they have. Season 2: What can you expect? Sky Rojo.

Sky Rojo season 2 synopsis

The official synopsis of Sky Rojoseason 2, is brief and sweet. “The hunters become hunted.” The tables will be turned on Romeo and Moises. These women are not playing. They are tired of running for the lives they have. These three men need to take their medicine.

Here are the episode titles and synopsis for the season’s first episode.

“Hookers didn’t kiss on the lips”

As Christian desperately searches for Moises, an injured Wendy considers taking revenge on Christian. Coral makes a life or death decision regarding Romeo.

“The Talent of Wretches.”

“Fear Weighs 10,000 Tons”

“The Night We Were Dead”

“Hookers’ Black Boxes”

“Lobster for Death Row Inmates.”

“Rotten and Radiant.”

“Toxic People.”

Sky Rojo season 2 release date

Season 2 was released on Netflix Friday, July 23, which means that all eight episodes are now available to stream. Each episode is approximately 23-30 minutes long, except the season finale, which runs for 40 minutes.

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