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SR Kalyanamandapam Movie Review: A mediocre fare

SR Kalyanamandapam sheds light on the strained relationship between Dharma (Sai Kumar) and his son Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram). For a fable that has bought ample ability to play to the galleries, it’s unhappy that director Sridhar Gade fails to most unique it dramatically and convincingly. The film is narrated to you esteem an uneventful class that places you to sleep.

Solid: Kiran Abbavaram, Priyanka Jawalkar, Sai Kumar

Path: Sridhar Gade

There is a approach of promise in the script’s exploration of a cosmopolitan father-son relationship. Sadly, the strain to load it with songs and juvenile jokes ends up in a predictable fable. The second hour of the film is arduous as it checks every mediocre family entertainer that you just may furthermore imagine. As an different of displaying us the attach aside the cracks in the daddy-son relationship first region in, the director appropriate strikes with his narration, thus by no methodology letting us gain twisted to the core struggle.

The film has introduced wait on into point of interest the objectification of women folks in Telugu cinema. The female lead – Sindhu (Priyanka Jawalkar)’s waist (nadumu) has develop into an integral persona in the film and the director has made practically each person in the faculty discuss it in the first hour. It’s attention-grabbing that Kiran Abbavaram (also the fable and dialogue writer of the film) uses the enduring Kushi (2001) waist scene blueprint to stage the fable in the face of a hero attempting to galvanize or woo the heroine. Along with this, the lead pair trek on a slapping spree and conclude up slapping every other six times! Whereas it’s far understandable that the hero-heroine chemistry must be a actually critical side of the film, nonetheless this very conception of the struggle is all too acquainted.

There’s a lot going on in the film, nonetheless the entirety ends up as hotchpotch. The slack and exact shift from a like fable to family drama would favor been a heartfelt and poignant chase that the film doesn’t reasonably embark on. The fable struggles to translate the director’s plot to the masks masks. Every scene in the film opens and ends center-of-the-dual carriageway, by no methodology reasonably lets the target market invest in the legend. Dharma’s drunken antics, Kalyan’s present of his feelings to Sindhu, and the flee-of-the-mill climax are now not effective in its emotional heft.

The film has shrimp expend of its main lady, with the exception of for the lackluster college sequences that boast about her waist. Tulasi, who played Sai Kumar’s wife, Shanti, gels effectively in an uninhibited persona. Kiran Abbavaram delivers a assured performance and he brings grace and ease to the share. The likable Sai Kumar gets trapped in a now not-so-likable persona and here is certainly certainly one of SR Kalyanamandapam‘s strengths and weaknesses. After a now not-so-convincing performance in Thimmarusu, Priyanka Jawalkar adopts a caricaturish methodology to taking half in Sindhu, and unfortunately, her persona is poorly etched. Bigg Boss contestant Gangavva makes her presence felt in a special goal. Chaitan Bharadwaj’s music works in a few songs.

With a flee-time of 148-minutes, SR Kalyanamandapam is the originate of film that has been caught in the trimmings of a 90s potboiler. Had this been judiciously edited, the film might perhaps want been a one-time search over the weekend.

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