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‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Premieres Summer 2022: Release Date

Stranger Things Day continues to give as a follow-up to Saturday morning’s teaser trailer featuring all episode titles for Season 4 plus an abbreviated premiere date.

The reveal video above lists the eight-episode titles for Season 4 – including “The Hellfire Club” (Marvel crossover, or the name of the Mean Girls at Eleven’s school?)… “Vecna’s Curse” (a Dungeons & Dragon reference). .. “Dear Billy” (is anyone writing a letter to Max’s late brother?)… “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab” (a new one, or a flashback/revisiting/Sean Astin encore?)… and “Papa” (sniff!). And if you watch to the end, at least you’ll find out which one season of the coming year – summer – the long-awaited, pandemic-delayed series returns. (This means there will be nearly three years between seasons 3 and 4.)

When we last tuned in to the Netflix hit, the Mind Flayer had been destroyed with the portal’s closure in the Russian lab below the mall, and Jim Hopper seemingly died in the process. After a three-month time jump, the Byers family and a powerless Eleven prepared to leave Hawkins, but not before Mike and Eleven confessed their love for each other.

The Stranger Things Day teaser trailer revealed that another six months have passed, and Eleven lives with the Byerses in California. In a letter to Mike, read as a voiceover, the high school outcast talks about her plans to share “the best spring break ever” with her long-distance beau — though, judging by the rest of the preview, that’s much easier said. Then it seems done!

Previous teases for season 4 revealed that David Harbor’s beloved Hopper is alive and well (in Russia). At the same time, the Hawkins lab (or similar facility) appears to be back in business, with mad scientist Martin Brenner entering a youth daycare center with unique skills.

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