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Succession Season 3 Episode 5: What’s The Status Of Logan’s Health?

As we approach Succession season 3 episode 5 on HBO this weekend, it makes sense to ask questions aplenty about Logan Roy’s health. Just think in terms of what happened with him at the end of episode 4!

One of the things that we’ve learned already about Brian Cox’s character on this show is that he fancies himself invincible — regardless of whether or not he actually is, he thinks that he will be able to avoid and evade any scandal thrown his way. He’s never going to recognize when something is too much for him; his stubbornness and pride forbids it. This is one of the reasons why he he breaks down on the walk with Kendall and Josh; he may know somewhere in him that it was too much for him, but he refused to ever actually acknowledge it. Weakness, in his mind, is failure.

The idea that Logan could have more health problems moving into episode 5 is no surprise, mostly because he’ll probably fail to give himself any time to recover from the last incident. Yet, judging from the synopsis for this episode (titled “Retired Janitors of Idaho”), his medical event could be coming at a terrible time:

Kendall and the Waystar team find themselves working together at the annual shareholders’ meeting, where Logan’s health takes a turn.

The fascinating thing for Kendall in this episode is that he’ll need to recognize how badly he’ll need some members of his family here. Sure, he is trying to oust Logan and get control of Waystar himself; yet, if the shareholders turn against the family, they’re all screwed. Sometimes, your worst enemy needs to be your best friend in order to get the job done. This may be what we’re looking at here.

What do you want to see coming on Succession season 3 episode 5?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts and hopes for the story ahead below! Once you do just that, stick around — there are more updates coming and we don’t want you to miss them.

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